Experts Urge Bodies with Babies to Take Deadly Coronavirus Vaccine

It’s about protecting the elderly and fat people.

That is what democracy is all about.

It’s who we are.

The Guardian:

Pregnant and breastfeeding people are facing abysmal vaccination rates and increasing health risks from the Delta variant, and they urgently need to be vaccinated, experts warn.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Wednesday “strongly” recommended vaccination before or during pregnancy, echoing calls in August for the life-saving shots.

Only one-third of pregnant adults in the US have received the Covid vaccines – less than half the vaccination rate of all American adults. And stark disparities exist among different communities, with only 15.6% of Black pregnant people vaccinated so far.

At the same time, pregnancy is a risk factor for serious illness from the coronavirus. Being pregnant and unvaccinated doubles the risk of needing intensive care for those who have Covid, and leads to a 70% increased risk of death. In August alone, 22 pregnant people died from the virus.

Births are also more likely to be premature or stillborn, and newborns may also struggle with Covid infection.

It’s also important to vaccinate breastfeeding parents, both to form a cocoon of immunity around newborns and to pass antibodies through the milk, experts say.

It is a hoax. They are lying. Babies are not dying of coronavirus. Kids are not dying of coronavirus.

These are their numbers.

People are not dying of coronavirus.

Anna Euser was 32 weeks pregnant when the shot was offered to her late last year, and she took it immediately.

At that time, there were no data from the clinical trials about how well the vaccines worked in pregnant people. But Euser is an obstetrician/gynecologist and an associate professor of maternal fetal medicine for the University of Colorado School of Medicine. She had seen first-hand the way Covid wreaks havoc on pregnant people and their families.

“I felt very comfortable with the benefits of the vaccine, and the importance of getting it to protect both myself and my daughter, because that was one of the few things I could do to protect her,” Euser told the Guardian. “This was really the one strategy we have to try to protect both ourselves and our children.”

Now, thanks to volunteers like Euster, we do have data on how safe and effective the vaccines are among pregnant and nursing people. She was one of 827 participants in a study finding the vaccines were very safe.

That study was recently corrected because there’s really no evidence that the vaccines are safe for pregnant women.

Even with all we know about fake news, it’s kind of shocking for The Guardian to continue citing a study that has effectively been retracted (they didn’t use the term “retraction” and instead invented a new term in medical literature, calling a retracted claim a “correction”).

Practitioners feel very confident recommending the vaccine as safe and effective, Euser said. “The vaccine is one of the best-studied things out there.” There’s much more evidence on the safety and efficacy of vaccines than there is, for instance, on experimental treatments like monoclonal antibodies and other medications, as well as using ECMO, a type of life support machine, in pregnancy.

They are lying.

Here’s an indisputable fact of reality: these people can’t know what happens a few years down the line to the babies of pregnant women who took the vaccine because not enough time has passed.

There is no way for them to know how the kids are going to grow up, what will happen to them compared to kids whose mothers didn’t take the vaccine, what will happen to the offspring of these kids from vaccinated mothers, or if the kids from vaccinated mothers will be able to produce any offspring at all.

Scaring women into taking this experimental injection is evil.