Experts Say Lockdown Should Last Until July, Americans Say They’ll Lose Their Minds in June

At this point, this sounds like a joke. The internet is full of videos of health care workers literally doing choreographed dances in the workplace with their colleagues because they clearly have nothing better to do and no patients to attend to, and these experts keep working under the supposed assumption that coronavirus is somehow burdening the hospital capacity.

They’re claiming they have data that is different than the public data we all have, but then when you look at their data, it’s all just fake and all of these models and predictions continue to fail as badly as the initial models and predictions.

It’s just insane.

Daily Mail:

New graphs suggest social distancing measures may need to continue through the summer in many states to prevent a resurgence of the novel coronavirus.

Researchers found that fewer options for control later and a higher likelihood of exceeding hospital capacity would occur if measures were relaxed in May or earlier like many governors have done.

But maintaining social distancing at a high level until summer 2020 allows for a tapering of infections and hospitalizations as well as a minimal number of deaths.

The team, from the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, says that protective measures, in addition to social distancing, include increased testing, contact tracing, school closures  nd isolating positive cases.

‘What happens with control in the short term has a big impact on what happens in the long term,’ lead author Alex Perkins, a professor in the department of biological sciences at Notre Dame, told

Social distancing measures seem to be having some effect…but we also know they’re incredibly destructive economically and socially,’ Perkins continued.

They need to be used as sparingly as possible. Hopefully other interventions will come online later…but, at the time, that’s really all we have.’

Researchers found maintaining the measures at a high level until summer 2020 allow for tapering of control thereafter and minimal deaths.

However, the model shows that relaxing control in the short term, such as in May 2020, makes a resurgence more likely and more difficult to bring under control later in the year.

Yeah, but even countries with warmer climates are going crazy with the lockdown, so there’s really no reason why the government wouldn’t just extend the lockdown all throughout summer, and then just make it permanent because the weather starts to get cold again, and people again start to catch the flu, with a percentage of old people dying.

People are not going to take this prison lifestyle much longer though.

Study Finds:

As each individual state charts its own course out of the coronavirus pandemic, Americans all over the country are growing more and more impatient. When will we all be able to patronize a restaurant again? Enjoy a night out at the movies? It’s impossible to say exactly when these restrictions will be lifted, but according to a new survey, one thing is definitely clear: Americans aren’t going to be able to bear this lockdown much longer.

In all, 1,895 U.S. citizens over the age of 18 were surveyed earlier this month, and 72% said they expect to reach a “breaking point” by mid-June if stay-at-home orders aren’t lifted. In fact, 100% of respondents said they would snap if this all lasts for longer than six months. The survey was conducted between April 3rd and 6th, and at that time, 16% said they had already hit their breaking point, with that number rising to 25% within the next two weeks. That would indicate that one in four Americans have likely reached wits’ end by now.

So, what is driving so many Americans to this point? The top “breaking point drivers” cited by respondents were loneliness, constant arguments with one’s spouse or family, extreme worry over mundane activities like visiting the grocery store, and constant anxiety.

What’s even the point of the lockdown?

If the lockdown worked, then people wouldn’t be getting the virus at a fast enough rate to build herd immunity, and the only option would be to live under lockdown until there’s a vaccine ready. In this case, telling people that the lockdown should last “until summer” would be lying, because vaccines are projected to be ready in about 18 months — not by summer.

But the lockdown doesn’t work, and people are getting infected without even showing any symptoms, and we’re on the brink of reaching herd immunity already even with the lockdown, as tests in New York have shown, so the only thing that the lockdown is doing is destroying the economy and people’s lives.