Experts Now Claiming Coronavirus “Vaccine” Works Miracles, Fights Cancer

Experts are now claiming that the coronavirus vaccine is fighting cancer and other random ailments.

Daily Mail:

Joan Wakefield has barely been able to walk for the best part of six months. The 72-year-old from Stockport had a knee replacement in October and has since suffered infections in the scar tissue, causing agonising pain.

Then at the beginning of this month she received the first dose of AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine. ‘I woke up the next morning and the leg pain and stiffness was gone,’ she says.

‘I couldn’t believe it. I joked with my partner about whether the vaccine had anything to do with it. Previously, I couldn’t even bend my leg. Now I can extend it fully, and even put my shoes and socks on. I’m optimistic I’ll be able to return to work sooner, rather than later, now.’

It seems ludicrous – a vaccine designed to protect against one virus can, somehow, improve other totally unrelated elements of health.

But Joan Wakefield is far from alone.

Last month, Mail on Sunday GP Ellie Cannon wrote about the curious case of a man with Lyme disease who’d found his long-term fatigue had evaporated just days after having the Covid vaccine. Scores of you wrote in to tell similarly miraculous tales.

One has seen stubborn patches of eczema on her arms, legs and midriff mysteriously disappear within hours of having the jab. Another claimed that dizzying vertigo she’s battled for 25 years vanished four days after her shot.

Meanwhile, a woman wrote that her husband had enjoyed a full night’s sleep for the first time since his diagnosis of a sleep disorder 15 years ago.


The obviously non-conspiracy related explanation for this, assuming that it is not all just made up (which it honestly could be), is something the Mail gets to at the end of the article.

As for those experiencing miraculous recoveries after the Covid-19 jab, Prof [Sheena] Cruickshank says the explanation lies with our emotional response to it. ‘The pandemic has been hugely stressful, and we often underestimate the effect of stress on our immune system,’ she says.

She explains that increased stress hormones interfere with the ability of immune cells to target infections. She says: ‘This is why we tend to get bad colds or pick up bacterial infections when we’re stressed and run down.

‘It’s also this response that, in vulnerable people, leads to a flare-up in inflammatory conditions like eczema – because the immune system is going haywire.’

Dr Cruickshank suspects that the vaccine will come as a relief to many, immediately reducing stress levels. The beneficial effect on the immune system can be instant. It’s astonishing,’ she adds.

Both things are true: stress does cause the immune system to function poorly (due to excessive cortisol), and some people are feeling stress relief after getting the vaccine.

But it should be noted that this woman also points out that this is not a traditional vaccine.

She also highlights that the type of vaccine used to prevent Covid-19 is markedly different to those used in previous studies.

‘The measles and tuberculosis jabs are all what’s called ‘live’ vaccines.

‘They involve injecting a minuscule amount of a weakened version of the virus or bacteria that causes the disease.

‘This helps the immune system recognise it when it sees it in larger doses, so it’s quicker to respond.

‘But all the Covid-19 vaccines work, not by injecting viral particles, but the genetic instructions that our immune cells need to create a small part of it.

‘It’s unlikely it’ll have any effect on immune cells they’re not specifically designed to target.’

It’s “unlikely,” doctor?

Sorry, but that is disinformation. There is no “likely” or “unlikely” with the coronavirus vaccine. Everyone knows exactly what it does, it is purely good, it cannot have any negative side effect, and anyone who suggests it could have a negative side effect is so completely deranged that they have to be silenced on the internet and fired from their job.

Of course, it is actually possible that the vaccine, because it is human genetic engineering, could have miraculous effects.

Eventually, the delivery mechanism of this mRNA vaccine will be capable of making all types of edits to your genetics. Genetic engineering is wide open, and they just developed a delivery mechanism for it at warp speed.

Genetic engineering could, for instance, make you live forever, or turn off your belief in God.

It is now obvious that there is a long-term agenda with these vaccines. No one can deny that anymore. They are stating openly in the media that Bill Gates is going to be giving us shots every few months.

Matt Hancock, who is the British version of Anthony Fauci, stated openly in January that he might decide to give us a coronavirus vaccine every six months.

What it looks like is that they are currently attempting to transform humanity through a massive genetic engineering program. That is the most obvious explanation for what is going on.

Of course, we don’t have any idea, and discussion of the topic has been globally outlawed. The fact that it is globally banned from discourse is point of fact enough proof that this is some kind of conspiracy, because every single study has shown that if people are not given facts, they fill in the blanks with theories.

We are being given so little information about what is going on here that most people are not even aware that the vaccine delivers synthetic mRNA to instruct your cells. I have personally been told I was a “conspiracy theorist” for simply saying “the vaccine is synthetic mRNA.”

That’s why this Mark Zuckerberg clip is really the best thing that has ever happened.

No one can say they weren’t warned.

(Plus you just have the fact that this guy believes something that you are banned from saying on his site, which is something we’ve not yet seen in the history of censorship.)

Maybe we’re being genetically engineered to live in a world comfortable for the Yuggothian Entity?

Here’s one thing we can say with certainty: these people from the government/media definitely do not care about our health, I can tell you that much.

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