Expert Says the West Could Get Four New Waves of Coronavirus If Virus Spreads in Africa

Professor Lawrence Gostin, WHO’s Human Rights expert.

The new “expert” talking point is that unless EVERY PLACE IN THE WORLD is completely free of the corona flu, America and Europe will suffer due to the very globalization that allowed the virus to spread in the first place.

It looks like they’re paving the way for arguing that unless EVERYONE IN THE WORLD gets vaccinated against the virus, no one will be really safe.

Daily Mail:

America and Europe could be hit by up to four waves of coronavirus if it is allowed to ravage Africa, a WHO expert has warned.

Director of the World Health Organisations’s Center on Public Health and Human Rights,¬†Professor Lawrence Gostin warned that if Covid-19 gets ‘out of control’ in African countries, Europe and the US could see second, third and even fourth waves of the illness.

Of course, despite Western countries being economically destroyed because of the lockdowns, the ideal solution to the pandemic is to divert resources towards Africa instead of focusing our efforts on rebuilding our countries, because if Africa suffers, the West suffers too, for some reason.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Wednesday, Professor Gostin said:¬†‘Covid-19 is about to march through sub-Saharan Africa and perhaps the Indian subcontinent like an avalanche.

Even if the United States and Europe were to get their Covid epidemics under control, if you’ve got Covid rages in other parts of the world, in this interconnected society we live in, it will come back to Europe and the United States.

‘And in fact I could predict that if it gets out of control in these lower income countries that we will see in the US and Europe a second, and a third wave, and even a fourth wave of Covid.

So we’re truly only as safe as the weakest link in the global chain.’

According to this WHO expert, people are “truly only as safe as the weakest link in the global chain,” which is a persuasive way to present the idea of mandatory vaccinations.

For weeks now, experts from all around the Western world have been featured on the media telling people that lockdowns can only be safely lifted if a vaccine is ready, and have been portraying a coronavirus vaccine as the solution to everyone’s problems.

Instead of worrying about what happens in places like Africa, we could just stop allowing people from Africa into the West.

Essential to The Economy.

But that solution doesn’t honor Human Rights, and people in the West will have to lose even more of their freedom so that blacks can continue coming into our countries.