Expert Says People are Being Spied on by Phones, Computers, Cars, Doorbells and More

More or less everything in your environment is a spy device.

This has happened over the last ten years, mostly, and for whatever reason no one cared, despite how obvious the implications of it were.

The Sun:

An Oxford professor has claimed that we are allowing more and more of our personal data to be used – and are being spied on by DOORBELLS.

Professor Carissa Veliz  has warned that our cars, TV’s, computers and phones are all tracking our data with our permission.

Professor Carissa Veliz

She has explained that the data collection starts from the moment that you wake up, letting smartphone manufacturers, app developers and your mobile phone company know where you are and who you’re with.

The professor at the Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Oxford believes that people are “unwittingly” giving away personal information every day.

Cars are able to log the locations you visit, the speed that the vehicle is driven at, the music played and even the weight of the driver on the seat.

Intimate medical data can even be donated by the NHS to commercial organisations without consent, she explains.

Writing for the Mail on Sunday she said: “If you wear a smart watch it will have recorded your every movement in bed – including, of course, any sexual activity. Share a picture or record your thoughts on Facebook, or type a search into Google, and that information is tracked and stored.

“Perhaps you’ve run out of sugar and you decide to ask your neighbour if she has some spare.

“Standing outside her door, you notice there’s a new smart doorbell, which records images of those who come near. It’s anybody’s guess where the footage is going to end up and what it will be used for.

“You turn on your smart TV. It is probably identifying everything you watch and sending the data to the manufacturer, third parties, or both.

If you had time to read the privacy policies of the objects you buy, you would also have noticed that your TV picks up and records your spoken words and reserves the right to transmit them to other organisations.

“Intelligence agencies such as MI5 and the CIA can make your TV look as though it is off while they record you. Your digital assistant Alexa may be listening too.”

Genetic information is also up for grabs to anyone who’s willing to pay for it – if you’ve done a DNA testing kit for health reasons or to trace your ancestors it is available.

Companies such as Ancestry can analyse, sell and communicate your genetic information, which may affect your family further down the line.

Prof Veliz warns that grandchildren might be “denied opportunities” based on your genetic data, if it indicates “a susceptibility to life-limiting disease or a negative personality trait.”

She also explains that Governments know more about their citizens than ever before, with intelligence agencies holding more information on everyone.

None of this is new or a secret. Mainstream publications have been saying it all the way through the process of building up this total panopticon grid.

People don’t seem to care.