Expert Says Elderly Would Rather Die Than Spend Christmas Away from Family Because of Coronavirus

Baroness Greengross

Coronavirus only kills very old and/or very sick people. Maybe we should have asked older people what their thoughts on the matter were before sacrificing our entire social order in the name of their safety.

What if they’d rather risk their lives than live in isolation?

Daily Mail:

Elderly people would sacrifice their safety to spend Christmas with their families as it is more important to many than staying alive, an expert has claimed.

If coronavirus restrictions mean they are unable to do so, many elderly people will be crippled by loneliness.

The stark warning comes from 85-year-old Baroness Greengross, who is one of the UK’s top experts on ageing.

The former director-general of the charity Age Concern urged ministers to soften restrictions in the run up to the festive season.

‘What do we do about elderly people who long to see their family at Christmas and it looks as if they’ll not be able to? That’s absolutely awful,’ she told The Times.

‘I think I would make an announcement just before Christmas that relaxed some of the rules, because most older people with families would prioritise seeing them, I think, over staying alive.’

Ms Greengross said that she fears restrictions to stem the spread of the coronavirus have come at the cost ofmany people’s quality of life.

Esther Rantzen, who founded The Silver Line, a free confidential helpline that provides the elderly with information, friendship and advice, previously said: ‘Once our elderly are self-isolating, we will need to protect them not only from the virus but from the emotional damage caused by loneliness.

‘Isolating ourselves from possible infection also means physically distancing ourselves from others. Of course, that can be painful.

Loneliness can make us feel that merely prolonging life is futile, as our lives are not worth living. None of our elderly should feel that way.’

As it turns out, old people tend to not sit around worrying about dying. Something happens to your psyche as you age, and you just stop fearing death. I doubt you could find one single person who is actually threatened by the virus who is particularly concerned about it. Most of them will say things such as, “when the Lord is ready to take me, I’m ready to go.”

Instead of abiding by their wishes, we are effectively torturing old people to death. No doubt many of them are dying of loneliness (yes, that happens to old people), and then they’re just recording their deaths as “COVID NINETEEN,” because they had “shortness of breath” before dying.

Grandmas should be baking cookies for their grandchildren, not suffering the cruel, unbearable loneliness inflicted by following the anti-human social distancing rules.

The government has no doubt banned Santa Claus from delivering presents. He’s very old, you see.

He will no doubt be filled with loathing, being prevented from being able to bring joy to children.

He will probably end up drinking himself to death.

But the Jews don’t care. That’s his problem. Their only duty is to make sure you don’t get the flu, and to destroy your life completely if you do something which puts you at risk for getting the flu.

If Santa drinks himself to death, they will just record his death as COVID NINETEEN and use his death as anti-Christmas propaganda.

Andrew Anglin completely rewrote this article.