Expert Jews Say Weinstein May be Only Jew to Go Down for Metoo

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 28, 2018

Jews failed to circle the wagons around Harvey, and this led to a deluge of career-destroying accusations against major public figures, around 80% of which, in the terminology of the ADL, “happened to be Jewish.”

With Harvey now entering the legal system, Jews are coming out to assure one another that this will not be the fate of other Jews caught up in the whirlwind goyish revolt that is the metooist movement.


Harvey Weinstein’s arrest in New York Friday is a landmark moment in the #MeToo movement.

Yet as authorities work through dozens of cases against famous figures in entertainment and other industries brought on by the Weinstein-inspired wave that began in October, legal hurdles may make such prosecutions the exception.

While men including Kevin Spacey and Mario Batali remain under investigation, the next round of charges could well be against Weinstein again, who also is facing scrutiny from authorities in Los Angeles and London.

One expert said prosecutors in those jurisdictions are unlikely to stand down or shift priorities knowing that Weinstein is now charged with rape and another felony sexual assault in New York, where he pleaded not guilty Friday.


They tried to make a sacrifice of Weinstein when this first began, as he was a Jew who had Jewed-over many other Jews. And he was a race-traitor, who married a shiksa female.

That didn’t work in the public arena.

Now, they are trying to ensure that this sacrifice is the only one that goes down legally.

“You never know what’s going to happen with the case there,” said Stacey Honowitz, a longtime prosecutor of sex crimes in Broward County, Florida. “We don’t go easy. Nobody’s going to drop the ball and let New York do it.”

She said it is more likely that authorities in other cities will be energized, and able to build off the charges.

“There’s always strength in numbers,” Honowitz said.

Stanley Goldman, a professor at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, said last month’s conviction of Bill Cosby’s for sexual assault dating to 2004 has likely been propelling prosecutors forward in other places.

“I think perhaps the Bill Cosby conviction really gave them hope that the atmosphere may have changed, in the older cases where this has been hard to prove, that maybe they’ve got more of a chance now,” Goldman said Friday.

Yet finding prosecutable #MeToo cases has proven difficult.

Los Angeles police said in December that they were investigating 27 entertainment figures, but none have yet resulted in arrests. And LA County prosecutors launched a task force in November to evaluate cases, but so far it has brought no charges.

Hundreds of women have alleged varying degrees of sexual misconduct from Oscar-nominated writer and director James Toback, yet prosecutors declined in April to bring criminal charges against him in the five cases they reviewed, citing expired statutes of limitations in every case.

California, joining other states, recently eliminated its statute of limitations for rape, making the law a closer match for the #MeToo era, but most cases from before the changes are unaffected.

Goldman said in the past the principle has been that it’s disruptive and unbalancing to society to go back and prosecute older crimes.

That has been the case so far with several high profile cases presented to prosecutors, all of which emerged after Weinstein’s downfall.

Prosecutors declined to file charges against Roman Polanski over allegations by a woman who reported in October that the Oscar-winning director molested her when she was 10 years old in 1975. Polanski’s attorney has denied the allegations. Los Angeles prosecutors cited the statute of limitations, but still want Polanski to return to the United States to face sentencing in a case in which he sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl in 1977.

A case against Hollywood agent Adam Venit, who actor Terry Crews alleged groped him at a party in February 2016, was also rejected. Crews did not report the incident until November 2017, and prosecutors said that was too late.

Goldman said however the thinking around sexual crimes appears to be changing, and they are now being grouped with more serious crimes like murder.

“Be careful out there, dear kinsmen. The goyim are out for blood.”

Feminism was a golem of the Jew, and it is now coming to eat them.

The Jew is a force that is purely destructive in nature. It is incapable of anything other than destruction.

And so it is that it is bound to destroy itself, eventually.

Its goal is to take all life on earth to hell with it.

As our favorite uncle said, if the Jew is to triumph over Aryan man, the earth will once again be a barren, lifeless rock hurdling through space.

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