Expert Epidemiologist: Students Have Never Spread Coronavirus to Teachers Anywhere in the World

When you realize that kids were forced into isolation, boredom and stress for nothing.

Coronavirus is about as dangerous as the flu, but if the government people believe that it is somehow a public health threat, then why did they force kids to stay home? Kids have very strong immune systems, they could have been used as foot soldiers against the virus. They’re the MVPs of herd immunity.

An epidemiologist advising the United Kingdom’s government believes that closing schools might have been a mistake.

Daily Mail:

There is no proof Covid-19 has been transmitted from a pupil to a teacher in school anywhere in the world, a scientist advising the Government has claimed.

Professor Mark Woolhouse, an epidemiologist from the University of Edinburgh, said closing all schools completely during Britain’s lockdown might have been a mistake.

Evidence now suggests children are ‘minimally involved’ in the spread of Covid-19, which politicians should bear in mind in the future, he added.

Statistics show 15 children and teenagers have died of coronavirus in England and Wales since March, 0.03 per cent of the total deaths.

And scientists say children appear to only rarely be seriously affected by the condition, which preys on existing ill health and is most dangerous for the elderly. Getting fewer symptoms and milder illness may make them less likely to spread it.

Professor Woolhouse, who sits on a sub-group of SAGE, told The Times it is ‘extremely difficult’ to find any instances of children spreading the virus to adults in schools, with no certain cases.

He suggests closing schools was ‘never essential’ and said it was unlikely that governments would repeat the drastic step.

It is not clear, however, how much children contribute to the spread of the virus in the home, which is where most transmission takes place. Elderly relatives could be at risk from children catching the virus from other families, for example, suggesting keeping youngsters apart at school could still be beneficial.

Returning to school has been a controversial issue in Britain as teachers and school staff said they felt unable to do it safely in the way the Government was asking. Nearly half of teachers say they are unprepared and only one in five feel safe.

Evidence has grown during the course of the pandemic that children are very rarely affected by Covid-19 and it is even more rare that they die from the illness.

Professor Woolhouse told The Times that children of school age up to 15 are ‘minimally involved in the epidemiology of this virus’.

He said: ‘There is increasing evidence that they rarely transmit.

‘For example, it is extremely difficult to find any instance anywhere in the world as a single example of a child transmitting to a teacher in school. There may have been one in Australia but it is incredibly rare.

‘There are certain environments where this virus transmits very well and children are not present in these environments.’

Teachers are absolute trash. They say that they don’t feel safe and that they’re scared that a kid may sneeze, but in reality, they just don’t want to work. In the United States, they also refuse to return to work.

Many of them are gay homosexuals who are simply worried about their immune systems due to all of the poppers and meth.

The rest are lazy women who just want to stay home and drink wine, eat microwave meals and watch Netflix on the couch.

Perhaps we should replace all of these teachers with robots.