“Expert” Claims Transgender Males Will Soon be Able to Have Babies

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
November 5, 2017

Dr. Richard Paulson says that surgical procedures will soon be available allowing men to become pregnant. 

A so-called medical expert named Richard Paulson is claiming that males who transition to females will soon be able to have babies.

It doesn’t look like he’s trolling us either.

Daily Mail:

Men could become pregnant ‘tomorrow’ thanks to advances in womb transplantation, according to a leading fertility expert.

The success of womb transplants into women has paved the way for a similar operation being carried out on people born male.

Dr Richard Paulson said that now wombs have been successfully transplanted into women born without them, ‘trans women’ – people born biologically male but who have had sex change surgery – will also want a womb transplant.

This would allow them to carry a baby – and there was no scientific reason why it would not happen, he added.

In recent months, there have been reports of ‘trans men’ having babies – women who have had sex change operations to become male, but still have functioning wombs.

Dr Paulson, president of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, made his controversial prediction at the society’s annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

And check out this tweet. WTF is going on here?

You see, normalizing all this weird tranny shit wasn’t enough. Ensuring that these freaks are able to have children is the next logical step in achieving ultimate liberation. That’s literally the logic at play.

Even if we assume that something like this is possible, what is the benefit? Why would we want an obviously insane person giving birth and raising a child? Just because something might be theoretically possible doesn’t mean we should do it or encourage its practice. This would be an obvious fact in a sane society but we do not live in a sane society. We live in a society plagued by madness and insanity.

We truly live in a Judaic circus. Such an idea was considered insane and ridiculous just a few decades ago. There was even an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie called “Junior” that mocked the premise of a man giving birth. Now this insane idea is being talked about in a serious context.

Increasingly crazy ideas about gender and sexual relations are going to be crammed down our throats until we achieve ultimate victory. The good news is that they’ve gone too far with this shit and the backlash has already begun.