Exotic Cultures: HIV-Infected Dindu Hired by Parents to Deflower Virgin Daughters

Daily Stormer
July 24, 2016

The girls love it, he says.

He has to continue to spread HIV, he says.

It’s a part of their tradition, he says.


He does this job to save money for his medical studies, I’m sure.

The Mirror:

A HIV-infected man in his 40s has told how he makes a living by being paid to have sex with children.

Eric Aniva, who would not reveal his exact age, lives in the Nsanje district of southern Malawi where he works a sex worker.

His work – known as a “hyena” – is embedded into the sacred traditions of his village.

There, young women are regularly “cleansed” by having sex with a hyena, sometimes as punishment for an offence such as having an abortion.


When the POZ is just right.

But with one in 10 Malawians having HIV, the work of hyenas is riddled with the risk of spreading serious disease.

And Mr Aniva himself has HIV, but continues his work regardless.

He is paid £3 to £5 by locals to perform the sex rituals.

Government officials do not endorse the traditions, but they do not actively campaign against them either.



I haven’t laughed like that in a long time. Feels pretty refreshing.

I guess we need more of those people here, they have so much to teach us, etc.

No, but seriously though. If only we sent these people more food and money, they’d be exactly like us. They only need more opportunities. Believe me.

wherever i am i must also rape

They’re only like this because of Western colonialism and exploitation.