“Exercise Alice” – British Government Ran Coronavirus “Simulation” in 2016

Since the coronavirus hoax began, there has been much talk on the internet about “Event 201.” It was a Bill Gates and World Economic Forum “simulation” of a bat coronavirus outbreak.


On October 18, 2019, the CHS partnered with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to host the tabletop exercise Event 201 in New York City. According to the CHS, “[t]he exercise illustrated areas where public/private partnerships will be necessary during the response to a severe pandemic in order to diminish large-scale economic and societal consequences”.

Event 201 simulated the effects of a fictional coronavirus originating in bats but passing to humans via pigs. Claims that Event 201 was a rehearsal for the world’s response to COVID-19 have been declared invalid by “fact-checking” outlets such as USA Today (owned Gannett Publishing) and FullFact (whose top funders include Facebook, Google and the Open Society Foundation).

Here is a promotional video for the “exercise,” released on October 18, 2019:

You can look up more information about that, if you want to know more. But the bottom line is that people theorize that this was a way to study the implications of a fake pandemic before they decided to go live with the hoax in 2020.

It is certainly suspicious.

It also follows along with various other conspiracies – for example, there were a bunch of drills before September 11, 2001 involving terrorists flying jets into the World Trade Center. (Alex Jones also says there were drills taking place on the morning of 911. That is probably true.)

Now, we are being told in The Guardian that the UK government ran a similar simulation in 2016 – this time in total secrecy.

The Guardian:

The government ran an exercise modelling the impact of a coronavirus outbreak four years before the Covid-19 outbreak but tried to keep it secret, the Guardian has learned.

The previously unpublicised Exercise Alice took place in 2016 involving officials from Public Health England (PHE) and the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), and envisioned an outbreak of Middle East respiratory syndrome (Mers), which is caused by a coronavirus.

It was one of 10 previously unpublicised pandemic planning exercises in the five years before Covid-19, now disclosed under freedom of information legislation. PHE had previously declined to reveal details of the exercises, citing the need to safeguard national security.

“National security” relates to foreign adversaries.

What does a virus exercise have to do with that – unless there is something devious in it?

A leading virologist said Exercise Alice could have been “completely relevant” to the Covid response, which in the first weeks was shaped by flu pandemic plans. Separately, a senior government adviser on respiratory disease described it as “odd” that details of the exercises had not been provided to key advisory committees.

Last October when the health secretary, Matt Hancock, published a report on Exercise Cygnus, a 2016 flu pandemic scenario, he told parliament: “Exercise Cygnus was not designed to consider other potential pandemics, or to identify what action could be taken to prevent widespread transmission.”

(Here’s the Wikipedia page on Exercise Cygnus.)

Moosa Qureshi, a hospital consultant who obtained the information, said MPs should ask the health secretary why he “failed to disclose to parliament that the government has modelled multiple other pandemics, including a coronavirus”.

Hancock faces cross-examination by MPs on Thursday who have already heard claims from the prime minister’s former chief adviser Dominic Cummings that assurances he received that pandemic planning was up to date were “completely hollow”.

As recently as March, PHE refused to name the exercises or say what they were about, but it released information when challenged in May by Qureshi.

Other exercises include three on Ebola, four on pandemic influenza, two on Lassa, an acute viral haemorrhagic illness, three on bird flu and one that dealt with a radiation incident, nicknamed Exercise Cerberus.

The public health body is now facing calls to publish the reports on the exercises and share them with experts.

“If there were so many exercises, it’s odd to me that the results were not provided to advisory committees,” said Prof Peter Openshaw, a respiratory physician and mucosal immunologist at Imperial College London who is a member of the government’s Nervtag committee, which advises on new and emerging respiratory virus threats. “I’m surprised not to have seen the results. Openness and disclosure has historically been associated with benefits rather than detriments.”

Openshaw would be calling for openness – no surprise there.

Openshaw said the reports on the exercises could be very valuable. He said Mers, like Covid, was caused by a coronavirus but the extent to which the exercise might have provided lessons for the current pandemic would depend on what assumptions were made about case fatality, route and speed of transmission, speed of diagnosis and the rate of asymptomatic infection.

Dr David Matthews, a reader in virology at Bristol University who studies coronaviruses, said the Mers exercise “would have been completely relevant” to the Covid-19 response. “If there was a Mers playbook, that should have been dusted off,” he said. “But who at PHE knew and how far was it shared among the government? The question is what was done with this at the beginning of the pandemic.”

So why was it a secret?

Under national security?

It has to implicate them in some way – i.e., that they had foreknowledge of a plan to hoax a virus.

Of course, doing these exercises doesn’t prove that the whole coronavirus hoax was a planned scam. But we don’t need any more evidence to know that the coronavirus “pandemic” is a planned scam. We already know that.

We know it is a scam from the fact that there is no evidence of a “pandemic.” We have no record of new deaths. No one knows anyone who died, and US records show no new deaths beyond the normal death range every year.

The only countries that are showing new deaths are countries with socialized medicine systems – like the British NHS. Even they don’t show many new deaths, but they do show new deaths. However, with a socialized medicine system, this would be easy for the government to fake. They won’t release lists of names of the dead, claiming “privacy” – despite the fact that a death has never been considered a private matter, hence the printing of obituaries in public newspapers.

Most damningly: there is simply no way that they invented all of these insane measures on the fly. The quarantining of the healthy, the total police state, the masks, rolling out the vaccine in a hurry, trying to shill vaccine passports at everyone, massively transferring wealth from the middle class to the elite by shutting down small businesses and leaving big businesses open, printing tens of trillions of dollars in order to loot the wealth of the peasants – an entire comprehensive agenda was rolled out.

There is no way that wasn’t pre-planned.

In order to believe the virus is real, you would have to believe that they set up all of this stuff, this entire plan for a global control grid, then said “okay, everything is ready – now let’s just sit around and wait for a random virus to pop up from a lab in China.”

Every element of the response to the alleged “coronavirus pandemic” fits into a plan that has existed for decades.

Bill Gates has been planning a nightmare control grid for decades.

They’ve been planning to build very, very ugly buildings and force us to live in them – and pay rent, because we can’t own property anymore, because of the total devaluation of the dollar.

But it will be interesting to see if these drills include the lockdown and the suspension of rights. No normal person had foreseen any of this. From what we are now hearing, the government had thought a whole lot about all of this long before we ever heard of the coronavirus.

I don’t think the government is going to spill the beans, but if they are forced to reveal some of the details, it will give us further insight into the master plan.

One thing you need to understand is this: nothing about this plan has changed or will change. It looks like they’re backing down from vaxx passports – but they’re not. They’re letting you cool off for the summer, as we predicted. They will come back in the fall with the “Delta variant” and say that it proves everyone needs to be tracked everywhere they go.