Excellent News: Trump is Closely Watching Anarchists That are Killing His Supporters

I was really worried about these anarchists that are burning down cities and on Saturday murdered a random guy simply for supporting Donald Trump.

But my worries were totally alleviated when I went on President Trump’s Twitter page and found that he is closely watching them.

Talk about a weight off my shoulders…!

But Seriously Tho

I think there’s a pretty good chance that the second term is going to be better than the first, if and when Trump gets reelected.

Historically, presidents have forced through their agendas in their second term. Trump has such a big ego, that I do not think he will tolerate going down in history as the guy who monitored America as it burned to the ground. I feel pretty strongly that he will try to do at least some of the things we want.

So when I read that tweet now, instead of rolling my eyes, I get a little glimmer of hope that when he wins the election and these people go nuts, we’re going to see the gloves come off.