Ex-Pentagon Official (((Rosa Brooks))) Suggests Military Coup, Then Claims to be Victim of “Anti-Semitism”

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
February 9, 2017

A little less than a week ago, I covered the Jew Rosa Brooks’ Foreign Policy Magazine bad-faith article, featuring candid talk of a military coup against the US government that may fall under federal sedition laws.

Now, she’s done an interview with PRI claiming that she’s actually a victim of intolerance. Unlike Julia Ioffe, her exaggerations and whining isn’t getting much Judenpresse play because bringing any more attention to her original statements is too much of a hot potato for even the Opposition Party to touch.

I, as a real journalist and occasional op-ed columnist, expressed criticism and concern, as did Breitbart and Infowars. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know it’s the new normal for people with power in America to casually call for the murder, overthrow and assault of people they politically disagree with like Donald Trump or even Richard Spencer, but Brooks’ case is different.

This individual is not a washed up celebrity or Guy Fawkes mask-wearing nimrod on the street, she has extensive and deep ties to the US military as a former Pentagon official, wife of a fiercely anti-Trump military colonel, as well as an ongoing role in a number of powerful Neo-Con and globalist DC think-tanks.

Nobody said she was planning a coup, only that there was enough evidence for the Secret Service and FBI to at least investigate. After all, the FBI feverishly wastes resources on so-called “threats” (usually just criticism) Jews receive in response for their illegal activities (e.g., in Whitefish), as if these public services are their private security. What Brooks did is on another level.

Now she’s going around claiming that the “Alt-Right” led a “lynch mob” against her because she’s Jewish and we hate freedom. Her article, which left nothing to the imagination with the suggestive title “3 Ways To Get Rid of Donald Trump,” speaks of a “hypothetical” scenario where the US military overthrows the democratically elected President because some might not like the Commander-in-Chief’s policies.

Foreign Policy:

Here’s how lynch mobs form, in the age of the alt-right and “alternative facts.”

First, you inadvertently wave a red flag at an arena full of bulls. Then you sit back and wait for the internet to do its dark magic.

In my case, the red flag was a few paragraphs at the end of a recent column, speculating on what would happen if Donald Trump truly and dangerously lost his marbles. I wondered about one “possibility … that until recently I would have said was unthinkable in the United States of America: a military coup, or at least a refusal by military leaders to obey certain orders”

Those are serious questions, and they deserve serious discussion. After all, America was founded by men who came, slowly but surely, to believe that they could no longer obey their government. From the perspective of American political mythology, they were heroes; from the British point of view, they were traitors. (Remember Patrick Henry? “If this be treason, make the most of it.”) With our history, it’s surely important to ask ourselves whether something like that could ever take place again. Political theorists continue to debate the propriety and role of disobedience and resistance to authority. Shouldn’t we debate those questions, too?

Within a few hours, the alt-right internet was on fire. The trickle of critical email messages turned into a gush, then a geyser, and the polite emails of the first few days were quickly displaced by obscenity-laced screeds, many in all capital letters. My Twitter feed filled up with trolls.

Soon, extremists and conspiracy-oriented outlets from InfoWars to openly white supremacist websites had moved from claiming that I had “suggested” a coup to asserting that I was demanding, planning, and threatening the violent overthrow of the U.S. government. (Together with my sinister friend George Soros, of course, and a cabal of deranged left-wing academics.)

My correspondents were united on the matter of my crimes (treason, sedition, inciting insurrection, etc.). The only issue that appeared to confound and divide them was the vexing question of just what kind of undesirable I was. Several decided, based presumably on my first name, that I was Latina and proposed that I be forcibly sent to the other side of the soon-to-be-built Trump border wall. Others, presumably conflating me with African-American civil rights heroine Rosa Parks, asserted that I would never have gotten hired if it weren’t for race-based affirmative action. The anti-Semitic rants flowed in, too: A website called the Daily Stormer noted darkly that I am “the daughter of the infamous communist Barbara Ehrenreich and the Jew John Ehrenreich,” and I got an anonymous phone call from someone who informed me, in a chillingly pleasant tone, that he supported a military coup “to kill all the Jews.”

Rosa Brooks is a well-documented agent of Soros’ NGOs.

Notice that in the very same article talking about how she swears she wasn’t endorsing a military coup, she drops a paragraph about why we need to have an “open discussion” regarding the hows and whys of a military coup against Donald Trump, because America was founded in a violent revolution, and so it’s morally the same thing.

There is no Constitutional, legal or historical basis for the US military overthrowing the President. Why is it being discussed by an elite and supposedly influential foreign policy publication? This is one of those “thought experiments” that reminds me of OJ Simpson’s explanation for writing If I Did It. She’s not doing it, but if it were to happen, this is one of the ways to “Get Rid of Donald Trump.”

It goes without saying that if the Daily Stormer ever published a “thought-experiment” or even allowed comments in the vein of “hypothetically” killing or violently overthrowing Barack Obama when he was President, Mark Potok would be siccing the Men in Black on our journalists at such speed that his Tallit would start disintegrating.

Yet in the end, it’s this elite Jewish globalist who’s the victim of evil bigots who shined the spotlight on her unethical abuse of her platform.