Ex-NSA Employee Builds Antifa AI to Hunt Down Thought Crime Faster on Social Media

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
January 9, 2018

A former (?) National Security Agency employee who violated the rights and privacy of Americans for pay is now an Antifa member targeting white political dissidents.

“Emily Crose,” a transsexual nutcase, claims to be building a sophisticated artificial intelligence system that will rapidly and thoroughly purge Twitter, Facebook and Reddit of political opinions that this individual who nobody elected arbitrarily decides should be shut down.

The technology the US government trained this person in is extremely dangerous, as Crose admits.

The NSA is already mostly unaccounted for, so who’s going to tell a self-selected mentally ill identity-Marxist with no ethics or respect for liberty what to do? Especially if they team up with mega-plutocrats like Zuck and the Google Jews.


In August of this year, a white supremacist plowed through a crowd of protesters gathered in downtown Charlottesville, Virginia. The attack injured around 20 people and killed 32-year-old Heather Heyer. The violent clashes that weekend shocked Americans, among them Emily Crose, who wanted to be there to protest against the white supremacists but couldn’t make it. A friend of hers was there, and was attacked and hurt by neo-Nazis.

Crose is a former NSA analyst and ex-Reddit moderator who now works at a cybersecurity startup. Inspired by her friend’s courage, and horrified by the events in Charlottesville, Crose now spends her free time teaching an AI how to automatically spot Nazi symbols in pictures spread online, be it on Twitter, Reddit, or Facebook.

Wanting to use her expertise to help expose ideologies like those seen in Charlottesville, she started this project, which she calls NEMESIS.

Crose’s motivation is to expose white nationalists who use more or less obscure, mundane, or abstract symbols—or so-called dog whistles—in their posts, such as the Black Sun and certain Pepe the frog memes. Crose’s goal is not only to expose people who use these symbols online but hopefully also push the social media companies to clamp down on hateful rhetoric online.

“The real goal is to educate people,” Crose told me in a phone call. “And a secondary goal: I’d really like to get the social media platforms to start thinking how they can enforce some decency on their own platforms, a certain level of decorum.”

“I’m not one of these people who’s going to be OK with apathetically standing by and watching people turn to an ideology that’s probably dangerous,” she added.

America is on track to become the most oppressive and tyrannical country the world has ever known.

Prepare for a future with mandatory Alexas in every home, with a tranny listening in on all your dinner table conversations, not to mention purging the internet of anything that isn’t porn, Buzzfeed or cat videos. But hey, it will make shopping with your Universal Basic Income convenient, do that instead rootless, androgynous, raceless goyim.

The only solution to the USA right now is to organize politically and stop these psychopaths.

People with ideologies like Emily Crose can’t have a political debate because we’re right and they’re wrong, and they know it. Look at how easy it was for Richard Spencer to slap Sargon’s man-titties in front of thousands, just imagine a sexual deviant who feels entitled to control other people’s thoughts!

The only solution for Jews and their lackeys is establishing full surveillance of men, white people, nationalists, etc., and accompanying it with a long menu of punishments. Eventually, as backlash to this increases, torture and executions will be back on the table.

They didn’t need it before because the Goyim didn’t know. Now that people are waking up, the lie that America is a free country is quickly unraveling.