Ex-Mossad Chief Says US Likely Spying on Israelis

October 25, 2013

331211_US-EspionageThe former head of Israel’s spy agency Mossad says it is very probable that the US administration is eavesdropping on private phone conversations of Israeli authorities.

“It could very well be that it happened here, too, because when the Americans think they need to listen in on someone, that’s what they do,” Danny Yatom told the Ma’ariv website on Friday.

Yatom added that Washington particularly favors finding out what Israeli officials say about Middle East issues such as Iran’s nuclear energy program and Tel Aviv’s negotiations with the Palestinian Authority.

The former Mossad chief also stated that the administration of US President Barack Obama wants to be aware of Tel Aviv’s real intentions and views “so that they can counter the arguments Israel brings up regarding these topics.”

The comments come after Germany said on October 23 it had obtained information that the White House may have snooped on Chancellor Angela Merkel’s phone calls. Merkel lashed out at the reports, describing such a move as a “grave breach of trust” between the two close allies.

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