Evil Whites of Tennessee are Training More Police at a Time When Police Should be Abolished

White bastard Bill Lee is creating an army to slaughter black folks.

We are supposed to be moving towards a beautiful new future where everyone lives in total peace and harmony.

The first step in creating a world without violence or crime is to get rid of the police.

But the racist whites of Tennessee hate peace and love violence.


Tennessee will funnel $300,000 of federal coronavirus relief dollars to help cover the cost of 90 additional police cadet scholarships as part of Gov. Bill Lee’s initiative to strengthen policing.

The announcement comes as advocates across the nation have called for systemic reforms in policing, which have included demands to defund the police — something Lee, a Republican, has spurned and described as “meaningless.”

Police in America exist for only one reason: to murder black people.

If you support the existence of police, then you support a genocide against black people.

That is pure evil.

Every good person on earth knows that if we ever want true equality, we have to stop arresting black people when they commit crimes.