Evil Old Bitch Barbara Bush Finally Dead

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 18, 2018

The evil bitch matron of the Bush family is finally dead, after nearly a century of troublesome existence.


Barbara Bush, former US first lady and literacy campaigner, has died aged 92.

A statement from the office of her husband, former president George HW Bush, described her as a “relentless proponent of family literacy”.

Wow, literacy.

I wonder who that was for?

Great legacy.

Except they still can’t read, Barbara.

92 years and you couldn’t teach a single nigger to read.


The skaggly old bag was widely believed to be the daughter of the satanic pervert Aleister Crowley.

Srsly, watch this:

Her death represents yet another blow to the Bush family, which dominated fake conservative politics for decades before being riggity-riggity-rekt by Donald Trump.

All that remains is the bitterness of Jeb.


And George W’s crusade against white supremacy.

And so I say, with all gatherable emotion:

Rot in hell, bitch.

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