Evil Negroid “Artist” Makes Malevolent Crucified Frog Scupture

Daily Stormer
April 29, 2017

Our enemies have crucified a God before. How did that work out for them?

Forgive them, Kek, for they know not what they do.

In this case, they literally don’t know what they do. Apparently, the “artist” (and I use this term loosely here) made this completely unaware that frogs are now a hate symbol, and that a new meme-religion was rising up based around Kek’s worship.

To be true, Moloch himself influenced the pliable mind of this mokeyman.

Philly Mag:

We’re pretty sure that no one has ever written a story before about the art program at Penn State’s Abington campus, but when there’s a crucified frog involved, well, obviously we took notice.

Last week, a new student show, “Jonathan’s Descent,” was hung inside the art gallery at Penn State Abington. The show is part of the school’s interdisciplinary “TransMedia Narratives” program, consisting of a series of artistic creations and a graphic novel that together tell a story.

The centerpiece of the show — or at least the one getting all of the attention — is Christus Ranae, Latin for “Frog Christ,” a seven-foot sculpture of a frog on a cross. The frog is made of clay, and the cross was devised from reclaimed railroad wood. There’s also a barbed-wire crown of thorns around the frog’s head, and gold leaf was used to evoke blood dripping from the wounds caused by the crucifixion.

As with all things that the forces of darkness bring upon us, the divine will of the frog god manifests with a message for his trolls.

There is a deeper meaning here.

Or should I say “memening”?

There are no coincidences. Only meme magic.

Look: The Jews are controlling Trump to make him throw his base under the bus, just like the Jew made Pontius Pilate crucify Jesus. So Kek on the cross means that he has been “sacrificed,” but will be born again for the redemption of the alt-right.

Or something, I dunno.

Either way, there’s some cosmic-tier stuff going on out there.

“This is anti-Christian mockery masquerading as art,” Halnon told us on Wednesday, the day after the teach-in. “I’m a Catholic Christian, and I am extremely offended. This is anti-Christian hate speech. It’s offensive.”

Nobody cares about offending Christians, unlike Moslems. This is because, as it turns out, blowing people up is a lot more effective at getting people to respect your beliefs than righteous indignation.

We’re still waiting on someone exhibiting a Koran drenched in urine in an art gallery.

But this is a college campus. Isn’t this a place where students are supposed to sometimes be confronted with things and ideas that challenge their way of thinking and that sometimes, yes, may offend?


Yeah, universities are places where you can expect to be offended. That is, if you’re a cis-White-male, a Christian or a conservative. On the other hand, if you’re some kind of pervert or racial mongrel, you can be sure that the university will spare no expense to punish anyone who offends you.