Evil Negroid Animal Obama Tries to Look Cool/Hip/etc. with Cuck Branson

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 7, 2017

After a satisfying jerk-job from Richard Branson, the disgusting monkey Obama did a kite-surf, woooooo.

NBC News:

Freed from the constraints of the White House, former President Barack Obama is surfing up a storm — on a kiteboard.

Obama tried out the water sport, which is a cross between surfing and paragliding, while on vacation in the Virgin Islands.

His partner in fun was British businessman Richard Branson and the carefree grin on Obama’s face in newly released photos from their aquatic adventure speaks volumes.

Obama is a weak, pathetic individual who requires constant attention in order to validate his own existence. This is the mind of a mixed-race mongrel: no clear identity coming from within, so he must seek confirmation of value from without.

This is also the media trying to play this guy up as important. This kite-surf horse-hokey is a top international news story. Like “wow, like at this super cool guy, wow, he’s doing a new type of surf sport, wow, this is neat.”

Like, remember those memes from 2008?

Back before the Obama presidency made white people hate blacks?

Seriously – let me take you on a little trip down memory lane (and for those too young to remember, a trip to a bygone age of the most cucked-out faggotism the world has ever known):

People were seriously meming this guy as cool. That is something that happened.

And for millennial liberals, this is something that is still real in their minds. Like a bunch of retards who believe in the Easter Bunny at 30-years-old.

So the Barack and his greatest ally, the kike media, are trying to bring back that energy, so that Obama can lead the opposition against Trump. Because he’s seriously the only marginally popular figure they have on their roster. They can’t use Chucky Schumer and they sure as hell can’t use Hillary Clinton.

Expect more of these “cool dude” photo-ops to try and build this guy up as someone who has opinions you should care about. He might actually like, go snowboarding or skateboarding in a half-pipe or something. Seriously, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if this guy shows up at MTV spring break and goes off a jump on a skateboard. He’ll also definitely do photo-ops with rappers and movie stars, and probably do some other “extreme” sport like zip-lining.