Jew Rabbi Demands Trump Bomb Syria, Citing Similarities Between Syria Oven Hoax and Jew Oven Hoax

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer 
May 21, 2017

The Jew Shmuley Boteach should be imprisoned for demanding America fight another war for Jews and Israel.

The horrible and evil Jew rabbi Shmuley Boteach is back in the news. He’s just written an editorial demanding that Donald Trump bomb Syria because Bashar Al-Assad has been allegedly shoving thousands of people into ovens.

The State Department held a press conference last week where they actually claimed that this was happening. The only proof they provided of this alleged body burning operation were photos showing a building with melted snow on it. They offered nothing that could definitively prove that Assad was shoving thousands of bodies into a crematorium.

It was some of the most retarded kookery one could imagine.

Naturally, Boteach compared this fake news story to the World War II Jew hoax known as the Holocaust.

The Hill:

The most important human rights story of the week seems to have been largely overshadowed by political headlines. The report that should consume the international community is the revelation that U.S. satellite photos have identified crematoria at Syrian President Bashar Assad’s Sednaya prison. Assad built these killing centers to destroy the evidence of his mass murder of innocent civilians and political opponents in Syria, amid a growing genocide.

Just over 70 years ago, the United States failed to bomb the Auschwitz extermination camp and other death camps, allowing the Nazis to continue to murder millions of Jews with impunity. If the phrase “Never again” is to have any meaning, the United States, Israel, or some other power that stands for morality and against the evils of genocide, must immediately bomb the Syrian crematoria.

Quite honestly, it is surprising to see that the Jew-controlled media hasn’t fully run with this story. They’ve instead opted to push gossipy headlines surrounding conspiracy theories about Russia.

It was only last month when the alleged narrative of Assad gassing babies was the biggest story in the world. This pressure was used to get Trump to order an attack on a Syrian air base.

Like this nonsense about Assad shoving thousands of bodies into ovens, we’ve seen no proof that Assad was responsible for gassing babies. All we saw were sad photos and videos.

Besides, it wouldn’t have made sense for Assad to do any of these things. He’s been winning the war. The last thing he would have wanted to do was invite an attack from American forces.

Jews Lie About Things Very Often

We shouldn’t be surprised by any of this though. There’s no proof that Adolf Hitler burned millions of bodies in ovens and gassed millions of Jews in fake shower rooms. Why would there be any proof of the things they’re accusing Assad of? They just make all this up and repeat it over and over again as if it’s fact.

Simply put, Assad is getting falsely accused of doing the exact same things that Hitler was alleged to have done. It shows that these Jews have no creativity. They seem to be under the misconception that they can continuously accuse their enemies of gassing people and burning bodies without anyone taking notice. Their arrogance is astounding.

The Jews rely on what Hitler referred to as the “big lie.”  They make up a story so outrageously crazy and insane that the average person can’t rationalize how it could be false. That is literally what we are dealing with here.

It is also worth noting that this sneaky Jew Boteach was let into the White House a few weeks back and had a photo taken with Steve Bannon. The photo revealed Bannon’s operational plans on a white board. It couldn’t be any more obvious that this Jew is up to no good.

Trust me goyim! I’m one of god’s chosen people!

Long story short, this Jew Botech is trying to drag America into another war for Jews and Israel. The fact that these Jews are using the Holocaust hoax and pushing similar Holocaust themed propaganda to justify an attack against Syria is beyond the pale.

We really need to start arresting these subversive Jews as they continue to operate as a fifth column throughout America. They are a cancer eating away at the nation’s soul.

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