Christ-Killing Jew Chuck Schumer Heckled with the Name of Jesus

The malicious and evil Jewish Senator Chuck Schumer was heckled while giving a speech this week.

The hecklers said:

  • “You ain’t doing shit, stop lying to the people.”
  • “Jesus saves”
  • “Stop lying to the people.”
  • “Jesus loves you.”

There is nothing that hurts a Jew more than the name of Jesus Christ.

Chuck Schumer also hates any interaction he has with the people who he rules over. You can just see on his evil-looking face the deep-seated hatred that he has for the “goyim.”

Perhaps it isn’t exactly understood, though it is not a secret: Jews call us “goyim.” It means “cattle.” They call themselves “God’s Chosen,” which effectively identifies them as a master race. They absolutely believe that they are destined to rule over all of us, they believe that they are gods and that we are animals.

It is not just a vague theoretical thing for many or most of them. When Chuck Schumer looks out at a crowd of Americans, he sees a herd of animals who are to be fleeced or butchered as the Jews see fit.

In the video, he is visibly appalled by the very notion that any subhuman goyim would ever be able to speak to him.

Jews are in fact the real life embodiment of the cartoon racist evil that they ascribe to the Nazis and white police officers.