Evil Human Catboy Kami Does Hilarious Blackface Omegle Videos

Catboy Kami has been on fire lately.

I’m having a lot of fun with this.

I trust we all are.

Shame the media isn’t. I would have thought this was something that could have brought the whole world together in joyous laughter.

Daily Mail:

An Australian Youtuber has been condemned after painting his face black, using the N-word and dressing up as a police officer to mock the death of George Floyd on webcam chat site Omegle.

The YouTube star, who goes by the name of CatboyKami, uttered racial slurs to black people on the randomised chat website.

In one video uploaded online, the Youtuber tells a young black boy on web chat: ‘What’s good my n*****? You’re a real young n***** up in this b****. You got some raps for me?’

The boy, who appears stunned at the scene, utters ‘oh my god’ repeatedly.

The Youtuber continued: ‘Yo, I got a rap for you. You wanna hear it? It starts before the rap, it’s going to be a music video’, before mocking the death of George Floyd, shouting ‘I can’t breathe!’

In one video, CatboyKami even dressed up as a police officer, pointing a gun at a black woman and telling her to get on the ground so he can ‘kneel on her neck’.

He said: ‘I need you to get down cause I’m gonna lean on your neck. Come on n*****. Get down on the ground, down on the ground!’

One fan allegedly donated $50 to the Youtuber, who was receiving tips from his fans while performing his vile antics.

CatboyKami uploaded the videos to his Youtube channel, which have since been deleted.

The clips, which have been reposted to Twitter, have since gone viral and left users horrified at the man’s racist behaviour.

One wrote: ‘This dude is just a evil human being. He is seriously mocking a death of someone that had a long life ahead but he takes this as a joke – unbelievable.’

I’m not sure how long of a life George Floyd had ahead of him, what with the mixing of methamphetamine and fentanyl. Presumably, not especially long.

Either way, making fun of his death is objectively funny, as it is something that is considered off limits, and attacking sacred cows is universally hilarious in any society.

At least the Daily Mail had the decency to post some of the footage so people could make up their own minds about whether or not this is funny.

But probably, lolisocks is going to go to jail for this.

You’re just not allowed to make fun of the blacks, let alone George Floyd, who is widely being compared to Jesus Christ.

Someone who would make fun of him is obviously an evil human.

Honestly, I think he would get arrested for doing this in America. There are no laws, but there are no laws that allowed the St. Louis cops to take the guns of the family that was defending themselves against a mob. The American government is just doing things that are against the law to the population.

In Australia, Kami is likely to get arrested as soon as any woman in the country reads this Daily Mail article and calls the government and demand something be done.

The cops will be like, “you’re going away for a long time laddie, after those jokes you made on the internet. It’s serious business, the state doesn’t take kindly to jokes.”

(You can find more Catboy Kami videos on Bitchute, if they’re not being DDoS’d by the Joke Police.)