Evil Fat Scumbag Boogie2988 Opened Fire on Frank Hassle

Frank Hassle is the funniest person currently alive. He has recently been involved in a campaign to bring a reckoning to YouTuber Boogie2988. This week, Frank brought the reckoning to Boogie’s house, and a gun was fired at him.

Boogie2988 is a fat slob who used to drink Mountain Dew on YouTube in strange ways, such as mixing it with Doritos in a blender.

Frank Hassle is a weapon of ultimate justice, who sweeps up villainy like a whirlwind. He goes around with a GoPro on his head and gives people what they deserve.

Here are some examples.

I’ve been a fan of Frank’s for a long time.

Boogie, on the other hand, is someone I’ve hated deeply for a long time, because he is evil. He is a totally fat slob, to the point where he was previously unable to leave his house. He was a YouTube phenomenon many years ago, in the early days of YouTube, because he is so fat. I suspect that most of the clicks were coming from Asia and Eastern Europe. People who do not live in the Anglosphere have never witnessed a creature with this kind of mass.

Though he still has 4 million subscribers, Boogie’s channel has declined in recent years, and he’s had trouble defending himself against all the people who hate him.

Let me tell you about what he does: he uses being pathetic as a way to manipulate people. He will say, “I’m sorry man, I’m a piece of shit, I’m mentally ill because my parents molested me and beat me. When I was a little boy, my dad told me to jack him off.” I believe he is fat on purpose, because it increases how pathetic he is. This is all part of a strategy to use guilt as a way to gain favor. Human beings, you see, are naturally empathetic, and feel bad for pathetic creatures. What Boogie understands is that you can hack that mechanism, and use it to get things from people.

He cannot interact with another person without saying that he was molested, that he is mentally ill, that he thinks he’s a piece of shit and wants to die. This makes the other person incapable of being aggressive with him, or really even being able to do anything other than be nice to him, to pat him on the head. I’ve listened to interviews with him where someone disagrees with him and he responds to the disagreement with, “I’m sorry man, I love you, I’m fucked up, I was molested by my parents and I’m mentally ill, man.” He uses people’s guilt to control interactions, and to force people to be nice to him. It’s about power.

For the record, Boogie promotes all sorts of leftist political propaganda.

He also does really slimy, saccharine self-love commentary that will just make you sick. It is “weaponized sentimentality.”

It’s hard to imagine anything worse than a fat scumbag who uses claims of child sexual abuse and hollow, forced hokey emotionalism as a life strategy.

Boogie2988 may be the worst human being on the planet. He is an absolute parasite who feeds off the lifeforces of others.

Frank Hassle, being that he is a genius, has targeted Boogie for a reckoning. Frank doesn’t feel bad for Boogie. He thinks Boogie is a piece of shit, who engages in open exploitation of the emotions of others in order to have power over them. So Frank started at Boogie, posting about him, calling him a pussy, and such. They then did an interview together on the Killstream with Ethan Ralph on August 11th, where Frank repeatedly told Boogie about the coming reckoning.

During the interview, Boogie repeatedly said, “man, I love you, I just love you so much, and I just want you to be happy, I wish I could help you man.” This “I love you” thing is a part of his strategy of manipulation, a facade which Frank would force him to drop.

Frank told Boogie for months that he was coming to his house. On Sunday he showed up in his town, and posted a tweet.

In their next interview together, on Keemstar’s Drama Alert, done just after the tweet was posted, Boogie was not claiming to love Frank. He was instead telling him he would kill him. He kept saying, “I will fucking end you, I will use castle doctrine and fucking end you.”

Then Frank took a picture in his front yard.

He talked to others about his plan to kill Frank if he came to his house for a visit. The only reason Frank was going to his house was for a visit.

When Frank came for the visit, Boogie met him at the door with a gun, in a Tomb Raider t-shirt.

After Frank repeatedly told him to shoot, Boogie eventually shot into the air.

This is the video Boogie gave to Keemstar of the event.

(That clip has the word “nigger” edited out. But Frank called him a nigger, which led to Ralph getting a suspension for playing the clip on his show on DLive.)

Frank hasn’t uploaded his video yet, but he uploaded this clip.

The memes have been fantastic.

This is really the best event on the internet in years. Between this and the Trump debate, I feel like a new man.

This is truly a reckoning for Boogie.

The shooting is being investigated by the police, and shooting a gun in the air like that is no joke.

Conversely, showing up at someone’s house for a joke is literally a joke. Frank might get charged with something, but probably not. Boogie said “come to my house,” and Frank did leave after he was asked to leave.

Boogie released a video whining about Frank, and saying it’s being investigated.

This story isn’t over yet.