Evil China Imprisons Journalist for Promoting Overthrow of the Government

Chinese Emperor Xi Jinping

It is truly an act of evil to stifle the speech of political dissidents.

Can you imagine the evil?


A former Chinese state media journalist turned anti-corruption blogger has been sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Chen Jieren was detained in mid-2018 after he published two articles on his personal blog claiming corruption by Hunan party officials. On Thursday, a court in the southern province jailed him for “picking quarrels and provoking trouble,” extortion, blackmail and bribery, in what one human rights group said was an attempt to “punish him for his political speech on WeChat and other social media platforms.”

Chen, the court said, “attacked and vilified the Communist Party and government” by publishing “false information” and “malicious speculation.”

China is the biggest jailer of journalists in the world, according to Reporters Without Borders (RSF), and tightly controls the press at home while censoring most foreign media outlets via the Great Firewall, its vast online censorship and surveillance apparatus.

In March, China expelled journalists from the New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal, in an unprecedented move against the foreign press. Beijing said the move was a response for recent restrictions by Washington on how Chinese state media operates in the US.

While Chen’s case is unrelated to the country’s coronavirus outbreak, his jailing comes as its censors reassert their control over the Chinese media and internet following criticism over the initial handling of the situation in Wuhan.
In a statement, Chinese Human Rights Defenders, a Hong Kong-based NGO, said Chen’s sentence “sends a chilling signal to online independent commentators and citizen journalists.”

Wait so, hold on a second.

Does CNN have evidence that he was not picking quarrels, provoking trouble and engaging in extortion, blackmail and bribery? Or are they just claiming they think probably he didn’t do it, because maybe he didn’t do it?

Because that would be weird, since China already has existing laws regulating anti-government speech.

And oh hey, I forget – what happens to political dissidents in the United States? People like say, Andrew Anglin and Alex Jones? I guess in brave freedom land, they are just allowed to speak freely, right? Like I mean, they aren’t systematically censored and hounded by federal authorities and civil courts or anything, are they? And like, you don’t have a situation where CNN and the New York Times actually lobby for the mass censorship of anyone who disagrees with the mainstream narrative, do you?

I mean, surely the US media wouldn’t be whining about China censoring people when in the United States, people who veer from the mainstream political narrative are systematically brutalized, right?

Because if you had a situation where CNN literally was directly responsible for say, getting Alex Jones banned from all social media, and then built a narrative which allowed him to be sued for “libel” for his political speech…

…It would probably be pretty hypocritical of them to go around the world pretending to be defenders of freedom of speech.

It would be even worse if they were whining specifically about China censoring speech in order to control the narrative on the coronavirus as they themselves were engaged in a wide-ranging campaign to do exactly that in the United States, against people who have neither been convicted nor accused of extortion, blackmail and bribery.