Evil, Blood-Sucking Jews Attack Empress Melania for Being Fashionable Again

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 6, 2018

So I guess the kikes at the NYT heard about that thing Canada did yesterday, which was widely considered to be one of the whiniest things ever done, and were like “HOLD MY BEER.”

Seriously, what is this shit?

A white hat is a sign that she hates niggers?

This is on par with when they called the “okay” hand signal a white supremacist gang sign.

New York Times:

A half a world away from the spectacle of Washington, Melania Trump still managed to create one of her own during a Kenyan safari on Friday, riding out into the grassland wearing a crisp white pith helmet — a common symbol of European colonial rule.

It may not have been the most glaring faux pas the hyper-scrutinized Mrs. Trump has ever made. That title probably goes to the “I really don’t care. Do U?” jacket she wore on the way to visit detained migrant children in Texas in June.

But to some — especially those who study African history — her fashion choice in Kenya was still a big error on the global stage: the sight of a first lady wearing something so closely associated with the exploitation of Africans.

Hours before Washington woke up, critics were pointing out how Mrs. Trump — who is here representing a husband widely reported to have disparaged African nations in vulgar terms — had fumbled this segment of her visit. Mrs. Trump is in Africa on a four-nation tour, with plans to visit Egypt this weekend after stops in Ghana, Malawi and Kenya.

Melania is a gentle and kind person.

It used to be off limits to suck politicians’ wives into drama, especially by like, saying that they’re signaling racism with their clothing. Which is just bizarre.

Low key… yes, that hat is a symbol of colonialism.

But what did the colonists do, other than try to help a bunch of savages act like human beings?

Colonialism was literally the exact same thing as what the UN does now with its aid programs – trying to bring civilization to the savages.

Melania Trump is literally a saint.

She, like Mother Mary, gave birth to a child who will someday bring salvation to humanity.

She is an elegant, tasteful woman who dresses elegantly and tastefully and is kind to animals.

You Jews have absolutely no shame attacking this woman.

And you are going to pay for it.

We are keeping track of all of this.

When we put you weasels on the Stairs of Death, and the crowds gather round to jeer, one of the things you will hear when all of your bones break is “THAT IS FOR THOSE ARTICLES YOU WROTE CRITICIZING THE EMPRESS’ ELEGANT AND TASTEFUL FASHION SENSE!”