Evil Antipope Sobs with Jews Over 20th Anniversary of Argentina Jewish Center Bombing

Daily Slave
July 20, 2014

Pope Francis cries over Jews killed 20 years ago while Jews kill Palestinian women and children.

Pope Francis is one of the most Jewish friendly Popes in the history of the Catholic Church.  He has continued this trend by sending a special video message to the World Jewish Congress where he sobs at the bombing of an Argentina Jewish Center that occurred back in 1994.  Once again the Pope is showing his solidarity with the Jews even as they kill and murder Palestinian women and children.

From I24 News:

Pope Francis sent a special video message to the World Jewish Congress to mark the 20th anniversary of the bombing of the AMIA Jewish Center in Buenos Aires, which killed 85 people.

The bombing, which took place on July 18, 1994, was the largest terror attack that South America has seen. Argentina has claimed that Iran was behind the bombing.

Pope Francis was previously the archbishop of Buenos Aires.

In the video, the pope calls terrorism “lunacy.”