Evil Antichrist Pope Goes to Myanmar to Attempt to Put the Kybosh on Daw Suu

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 27, 2017


The non-Pope of Pure Evil, Pope Francis, has made it his divine mission to destroy everything that is good and sacred on planet earth.

So it is little surprise that the twisted, deranged fink is traveling to Myanmar to attempt to stick an monkey wrench (PUN INTENDED) in Holy Crusader Daw Suu’s sacred war against the invasive mutie filth plaguing her great nation.

Once upon a time, the Church fought the evil Moslem filth. Now its patriarch travels the globe to ensure the this demonic Sauron army be able to crush all that is good on earth.

Dhaka Tribune:

Pope Francis arrived in mainly Buddhist Myanmar on Monday where he was set to meet army chief Min Aung Hlaing, the man accused of overseeing a brutal campaign to drive out the country’s Rohingya minority.

The 80-year-old pontiff, the first to travel to Myanmar, was welcomed at the airport by children from different minority groups in bright, bejewelled clothes, who gave him flowers and received a papal embrace in return.

Nuns in white habits were among the devotees who have travelled from across the country in his honour, waving flags as his motorcade swept past the golden Shwedagon Pagoda to the archbishop’s residence in downtown Yangon, where the pope will stay on Monday night.

But these joyful scenes were in stark contrast to the gravity of the main issue that frames his trip.

Myanmar’s military stands accused of waging a campaign of ethnic cleansing against Rohingya.

“Stands accused”?

As far as I’m aware, they’re not even denying this just and glorious act to PROTECT THE PEOPLE.

On Tuesday, Francis will meet civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi, a Nobel Peace Prize winner whose lustre has faded because of her failure to speak up publicly for the Rohingya.

This devilish monster has no right to even look upon the face of the MAJESTIC QUEEN DAW SUU.

This is like a stinking, greasy, diseased ghetto kike being granted an audience with Mel Gibson.

His speeches will be scrutinised by Buddhist hardliners for any mention of the word “Rohingya”, an incendiary term in a country where the Muslim group are reviled and labelled “Bengalis,” alleged illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.


Do you have an explanation, Pope Satan, as to why they were allowed to invade and occupy Myanmar?

This is like Kosovo all over again.

Speaking shortly before he left Rome, the pontiff said: “I ask you to be with me in prayer so that, for these peoples, my presence is a sign of affinity and hope.”

Prayer to who?


The Rohingya crisis looms large over the pope’s visit.

The army, which ran the country with an iron fist for nearly half a century, insists its Rakhine operation was a proportionate response to Rohingya “terrorists” who raided police posts in late August, killing at least a dozen officers.

Yes, of course – “terrorists” is in scare quotes.

Because attacking police stations and killing cops – randomly – is just their unique and vibrant culture.

Maybe, Pope Satan, you should mind your own damned business.

Though to be honest, I have no clear understanding of what exactly your business is, beyond destroying people’s lives across the globe.


This evil “Pope” is illegitimate. He is a pervert and satanic.

It is high time for the Catholic people – in particularly the Polish – to rise up and demand he resign, and be replaced with an extremist who is ready to do what needs to be done.

And what needs to be done is nothing less than a global genocidal campaign against the enemies of Christendom. And for that matter, the enemies of our spiritual brethren, the Buddhists.