Evidence That Hillary Is Cheating with an Earpiece

Daily Stormer
September 9, 2016



If even half the reports concerning Hillary’s health are true, the witch-queen needs all her strength just to remain standing at the podium for a 30 minute speech.

Add to that the brain damage and memory loss, and it seems far fetched that Clinton could offer much opposition in a debate against Trump.

As it turns out, she might be getting a little help from her friends.

Is the Trump campaign retweeting Infowars, now? Daily Stormer better be next…

Oops. Busted?

I dunno. Honestly, the pictures don’t mean much.

But some experts in the field are saying both her and Obama show telltale signs of “blue phoning” during debates.

Of course, the Clinton campaign is vehemently denying these foul accusations, lol.


Hillary Clinton’s aides are denying reports that the Democratic presidential nominee was wearing an earpiece during the NBC presidential forum on Wednesday with Matt Lauer.

After a story questioning the appearance of what looked to be small device in Clinton’s ear was featured on the Drudge Report, Clinton staffers responded to campaign reporters currently on the trail with the candidate.

“Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill says Hillary Clinton was not wearing an earpiece last night,” ABC reporter Liz Kreutz informed her followers on Twitter after Clinton held a press conference on the airport tarmac in New York.

My default reflex is to believe the opposite of what the Clinton campaign is saying. So in this case I’ll go with the historical precedent and just assume she’s indeed being told what to say during her media appearances.


This bitch is either deaf or cheating, and I’m not sure which is better.

But it’s absurd to think that someone who can’t even handle themselves in a debate or while giving a speech is being considered for the highest office in the land.

I mean, what else are politicians good for?

What’s Hillary’s special skillset, that makes her more qualified than a plumber in running a country? In a democracy, politicians are just fast-talking actors who are especially skilled at fooling the goyim.

But Hillary can’t even manage that, and needs to be worn like a handpuppet by her handlers in order to talk semi-coherently.

This is ridiculous.