Everyone Who Suggests Bob Odenkirk’s Random Heart Attack was Vaxx-Related Banned

Apparently, we were not the only ones speculating about Bob Odenkirk’s heart attack being related to the vaccine.

Either someone read our articles, or others came to this obvious conclusion on their own, and it was posted on Twitter.

All of the anti-vaxx tweets are of course very promptly deleted – so what you have left is an endless string of people outraged that someone would suggest it was the vaxx.

You would think that the phenomenon of people being banned in real time for questioning the vaxx would make these people wonder about what is going on. I mean – how creepy, to have all of these posts saying “no it wasn’t the vaxx you idiot!!!!!111” to someone who is already banned.

Frankly, if I was allowed on Twitter and arguing that the Holocaust didn’t happen and everyone who said it did happen was getting deleted and banned, I would question myself. In that situation, I would ultimately go back to the facts, but surely – people trying to bury information and silence people who say certain things virtually always implies that the people being silenced are right.

Why else would they need to be silenced? If they could simply be disproven, then people would just disprove them.

I don’t want people who disagree with me banned. I want to debate on the internet. I crave people to debate, to the point where I end up psychologically destroying randos on my forum who disagree with me, because no one else will debate me.

Obviously, I have my own background with censorship – but it is just obvious that if people are being censored, it is almost certain they are telling the truth.

With the Odenkirk situation – maybe it is a monumental coincidence? That’s possible. But it is much more likely that a heart attack by a healthy man in his fifties is the result of the vaxx.

The tweeters are claiming that the fact he took it “two months ago” implies that it’s unrelated, which is retarded. The implication of the blood clots being caused by the vaccine is that it is doing permanent damage to the heart. Beyond that, there are untold chronic conditions which are beginning to develop in the vaxxed.

Frankly, if you get the vaxx and die a few days after, you’re a lot better off than if you live, as you are going to have nagging health problems for the rest of your life until you eventually die.