Everyone Saw It: The Cops Allowed People Inside of the Capitol

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On Wednesday night, I posted a piece stating the obvious fact that the Capitol Police allowed the Capitol Stormers – protesters opposed to the obviously fraudulent 2020 presidential election – to break the police line and to enter the building. I was condemned for this statement by several people, with one notable scumbag comparing me to Mike Cernovich.

Now, two days after the event, with accounts coming out from those who were present at the event, with more video footage coming out, and with interesting facts coming to light, everyone who has any idea what is going on is coming to an understanding that the authorities allowed people to enter the Capitol in order to create a spectacle.

One particularly interesting fact is that the Mayor of DC called the federal government on Tuesday – the day before the event – and asked them to pull out the fed cops, which they did.

Obviously, we have the videos of the cops standing down, so we don’t really need eyewitness accounts, but we also have those. More will come in, of course, and we will probably get more facts about how it was planned to allow people inside the building, in order to create the spectacle of the Capitol being rushed, and in order to harden the government against the masses of people.

All of this is designed to justify what comes next.

Right now, there are still liberals making jokes about the fact that it was so easy for the protesters to enter the building.

That’s all going to get shut down, very quickly, and the narrative will be that the Capitol was totally overrun, and there was nothing the poor authorities could have done.

But right now, everyone is seeing it for what it is.

A liberal sociologist from the UK has posted an interesting piece on the topic, which I’d like to quote from extensively. The piece is entitled: “I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but how does a bloke in a Chewbacca bikini outwit the nation’s finest and storm the Capitol?”

Dr. Lisa McKenzie writes for RT:

It’s hard to believe how the angry mob of Trump supporters managed to do what they did yesterday and the absence of police and security guards. Was this the deep state’s final humiliation of a president it hated?

I watched the astonishing breaking news from Washington yesterday like billions all over the world, our mouths agape, as the citadel of Western democracy was breached – Capitol Hill falls to the angry mob – and pondered one question.

In a country that spends about 900 billion dollars a year on security and defence, that has made its name as the (often uninvited) police officer of the world, that loves going into other countries and ‘helping’ prop up one regime over another, or get rid of another it doesn’t like, all in the name of ‘democracy’… how is it possible that a couple of thousand of badly dressed and quite frankly weird folks break into the USA’s centre of power?

The USA knows how to put on a good show – it’s what they do best – and yesterday’s was right up there with them.

Because that’s what it was, in my view: a show. A stage-managed event. That’s the only explanation as to how this ramshackle group of people got into the Capitol building to disrupt political business regarding the transition of their most sacred of symbols, the POTUS.

It is literally the only explanation.

I watched the reruns of President Trump’s confused and quite mental rallying call to his followers earlier in the day – where he gave them the green light to march on Capitol Hill. I watched talking head after talking head compare the policing of the Trump supporters protest to that of the Black Lives Matter protests a few months ago – and only a fool would argue there was no difference.

At the BLM protest there were thousands of armed security ready and willing to crack heads and use weapons against protesters. Yet at the Trump rally – as far as I could see – there were a few blokes with radios in their hands running about. It’s not as if this showdown had not been written about and warnings given that Trump supporters would try to kick off on January 6 – it was all over the media for days beforehand.

So I reckon the FBI, the Washington police, the Capitol Hill police, the national guard, etc. must have known of the potential for trouble, right? My granny would have heard about it and could have done a better job sorting the security. Yet the nation’s finest was hoodwinked by a bloke in a Chewbacca bikini who was now standing in the debating chamber, alongside a bloke in a Camp Auschwitz hoodie and others waving Confederate flags?

As a sociologist, I have been taught and trained in what we call ‘mapping the field’, meaning looking at the situation, assessing the power dynamics, seeing who are the winners and losers, and thinking critically about that.

I know this particular field is a complicated one – the outgoing President Donald Trump is a vainglorious and narcissistic man, and his rants, lies and propaganda and purposefully divisive methodology has truly damaged his nation over the last four years. He’s caused greater divisions in an already divided society, setting himself up as ‘the anti-political politician’, and the result has been chaos, as his inept handling of the Covid pandemic demonstrated.

He promised to clean up Washington, to drain the swamp, and to vanquish ‘the deep state’. But he failed miserably. And what if Wednesday, 14 days before he was due to depart the White House, was the deep state’s revenge, a stage-managed show designed to humiliate him and his supporters, and to reveal them in their true, disgusting colours? And put paid to ‘Orange Man’ forever?

I’m no conspiracy theorist, but it makes sense to me. Certainly, my sociological analysis thus far in this ever changing and dynamic situation is that the unleashing of the angry mob onto Capitol Hill was a good day for the forces of conservatism, the Washington elite, both Republican and Democrat, who have loathed Trump with a passion since he dared raised his coiffured head above the political parapet.

So a good day for the political class – and a bad day for Donald Trump. He’s been forced to accept that the Joe Biden presidency must go ahead smoothly, while still smarting and whining and not accepting that he lost the election, and – oh, imagine the withdrawal symptoms – not being able to tweet. A cynic might say that the day Trump’s mob was conveniently allowed to attack America’s democracy was the day that Trump was given enough rope to hang himself. Noose work, chaps.

It is all just obvious.

It’s just not intuitive, so the masses of people have a hard time digesting it and processing it.

I want to state clearly again: I do not condemn the Capitol Stormers, I do not think they did anything wrong. No one should condemn them, and anyone who does is a traitor.

The people talking about Antifa infiltrators are also retarded, and creating a stupid narrative.

This was the American people, they were angry, they were doing what an angry mob naturally does. The intelligence agencies knew that, and instead of holding the line and protecting the Capitol as they are supposed to do, they allowed the angry mob to flood into the building – without any plan to seize power, without any leadership, more or less ready to leave as soon as the cops told them to.

Now, they’ve fully demonized Trump supporters as basically a terrorist, insurrectionist force that needs to be dealt with using any means necessary. They are now justifying an absolute crackdown, and a total transformation of law enforcement in America. It is actually the exact reverse of what the Black Lives Matter riots did – whereas those riots were used to justify ceasing to police the blacks, the Wednesday riot will be justified in transferring all of that police power toward white people who post politically incorrect things on the internet.

Here, I’ve got an analogy for you:

What happened at the Capitol is like if you’re drunk and horny late at night and a pretty drunk girl tells you to come have sex with her, then the next day accuses you of rape. Sure, she spread her legs for you, and let you have your way with her – but she didn’t consent, and now you’re the bad guy.

These people were invited into the Capitol, most of them had no idea what the legal ramifications of this would be. They were angry and they were in a frenzy. It was total mob psychology, something that we understand well. None of them had bad intentions – which we know, because there wasn’t even any vandalism, let alone violence against people.

And now they’re being accused of being seditionists. And apparently, the president is going to leave them in the lurch.

Joe Biden is now coming into power with a new kind of mandate: “to oppose the violent mob which attacked democracy on January 6.”

He is coming in with a mandate, from the media and from many scared morons, to put down an insurrection.

This is going to be brutal.