Everyone on Earth Hates Chinese People

Why do the Thais support Hong Kong, you ask?

Find out, later on this page!

Thai Enquirer:

The hashtag #BoycottMulan trended in Thailand on Twitter on Friday as Thai netizens used the hashtag to express solidarity with dissidents in Hong Kong.

This week, Hong Kong and Beijing passed a national security law that grants the central government in Beijing the ability to crack down on dissidents in Hong Kong and imprison them, possibly for life.

The hashtag became popular because of comments Disney’s live-action Mulan remake star Liu Yifei made last year in which she expressed support for Hong Kong’s police force which hand been embroiled in clashes with pro-democracy demonstrators.

Many Thais used the #BoycottMulan tag to express support for the citizens of Hong Kong and also call to light their own plight in Thailand.

With regards to the question above…

Drumroll please…

The answer is: Thais don’t care about Hong Kong. They simply hate Chinese people, and the people in Hong Kong are framing their agenda as a war against the Chinese.

Everyone in Asia hates Chinese people. Most people in the rest of the world do as well. The Chinese really should have thought this through a little bit better. They’ve done absolutely nothing to cultivate any kind of outer face to the world, and this just doesn’t make any sense within globalism. Other countries spend 50% of their total energy on projecting an image to the rest of the world. The Chinese have managed to make basically everyone in the world angry, and they haven’t done anything to mitigate it, so people will just jump on attacking some Disney movie because the actress is Chinese and doesn’t support attacking random people on the streets.

That’s all she tweeted – “hit me.” It was a response to the Antifa attacking random people on the streets. They lit an old man on fire.

They killed another 70-year-old man by hitting him in the head with a brick.

It’s actually a very sympathetic position Liu is in, and she’s pretty, and people like Disney. But people will still side against her. This is just how much people hate the Chinese.

Literally, the only Chinese person that people like is Jackie Chan. They should have just made Jackie the governor of Hong Kong.

China should have just paid me my $500 an hour consulting fees and I could have explained all this to them. It would be the easiest thing in the world to be less hated than they are now. They’re pretty much at rock bottom.

They’re trying to do entertainment media for Asia now, which is a good idea. And they have these plastic surgery models that look like they were genetically engineered.

How are that woman’s legs that long? It’s outrageous.

They’re basically copying off of South Korea, which is loved all over Asia because of their music, plastic surgery models and soap operas.

But they don’t really understand that, and they’re not bringing in people who do understand. These women they’re creating are bizarre looking. China has pretty women – look at the Milan chick herself. But they promote these creatures from the uncanny valley.

They did a good job with TikTok, but honestly, most people who use TikTok don’t know that it’s Chinese, because they have very serious branding problems. Look at Huawei. It’s a good company but no one is interested in it because it’s boring.

Further, they aren’t exploiting the gaming market.

As a whole other issue, they aren’t appealing to dissidents in belligerent countries in the way the US obsessively does.

They’re just totally lacking in any capacity to look outward, other than to go to countries and buy up a bunch of property. They would have done better to spend that money on goodwill. If there’s a war, the property is all just going to be seized immediately. Even if there’s not a war, that is likely to happen. The Jewish media is blaming China for the virus, even though it was a complete hoax and didn’t kill anyone. You can’t seize good will.

What’s more, China does not regulate its people when they go on vacation in other parts of Asia, and they make everyone angry. They yell and spit in elevators. They flick cigarette butts everywhere. China is an authoritarian country with an obedient population, and they could tell people to behave themselves and most of them would do it. They could make people watch instructional videos about how to behave when outside of China – “the strange ways of the non-Chinese folk who live beyond our lands.”

Lesson #1: “Don’t Spit in the Non-Chinese Elevator: the peculiar non-Chinese humans who live in the lands beyond do not spit in their elevators. In fact, they take offense when someone does spit in their elevator. Our cultural researchers have attempted to determine the reasoning behind this baffling cultural taboo and we have determined that non-Chinese people believe that moving puddles of spit up and down in the atmosphere creates si chi. Our scientific researchers however have found no basis for this theory. Nonetheless, while outside of China, Chinese people must avoid spitting in the elevator, lest their behavior reflect badly on joyful Chinese families.”

These are all unforced errors on the part of the Chinese.

Anyway, I’m not giving any more free advice.

To those of you wondering why I’m thinking about the stratagem of the Chinese in the first place – well, primarily, because it’s fascinating. I’ve been thinking about the decline of America a lot lately for what I assume are obvious reasons. Here on Independence Day, a holiday that is meant to celebrate American freedom, I sit alone in a foreign land, an American patriot having been run out of my home country because I allegedly offended people with edgy political humor. Even as the US functions as a golem of the Jews, belligerently going around the world creating idiotic messes all over the globe, we have six million times the good will of the Chinese.

There is a lot of respect about China. In a span of 30 years, the Chinese have somehow managed to turn a country with a billion and a half people from a third world shithole into a country that is vastly more developed than the United States. They transformed from a silly, corrupt version of communism to a country that is freer and more just than the United States.

They have even figured out a way to communicate with non-Chinese in a way that non-Chinese can comprehend. Over the last 10 years, their public statements in English became more and more intelligible. But they still simply do not grasp the concept that international relations must be viewed through a lens other than mercantilism. They just don’t seem to be able to register the concept. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was released twenty years ago, giving very solid proof of concept that Westerners can take interest in Chinese culture. It would have cost China so little to perfect this technique, and release a big budget China movie every year. This would inevitably have led to a totally different impression of China in the West in 2020.

I lived in China as a young man, and I have a good degree of fondness for the people and the country. My joke is always, “China is a great country, the only problem is it’s filled with Chinese people.” But although Chinese people can be difficult to deal with as a Westerner, it was Chinese people that built China and they really did an incredible job with it.

Beyond simply being interested in all of this, I would rather China exist than not exist. As we have seen, “unipolar world” and “the end of history” are simply euphemisms for a brutal global government run by Jews, where the entire world is subjected to man-on-man anal sex, aggressive, disgusting, fat whores, rioting mobs of blacks, child trannies, Islam and politicized grammar.

As we’ve seen, the media now has the ability to get brown people and white women to riot in the name of abject nonsense about how white people are evil in every Western country. Just as we have to have the Republican Party because there is no one else to counter the Democrats, we have to have China because there is no one else to counter a one-world government.

But most importantly: I am so broke it makes me sick, because the overwhelming majority of my readers don’t care enough to give me money, because that is the nature of right-wing white people – they don’t actually give a shit about anything, and could never appreciate someone literally ruining their entire life for a cause. Readers of the Daily Stormer – people who have read this site that has no advertisement every day, for years – will actually send me emails saying, “sorry, I just don’t want to figure out bitcoin, let me know if you get a credit card processor.”

I had to lay off almost my entire staff because people who have read this site, which has no advertisement, for ten hours a week for years on end, can’t take ten minutes to learn Bitcoin and send me ten dollars.

As I live in exile, never to see my family or the place I was born ever again, I have to think about money all day, every day, as I sit in my studio apartment drinking instant coffee, because Daily Stormer readers don’t have ten minutes to learn how to send me ten dollars a month.

People who have read the site for ten hours a week for years on end did not have ten minutes to learn how to send me ten dollars. Millions of people read this site every month, it’s the single most influential right-wing publication on earth, and someone spilled liquid on my computer and now the keyboard is messed up and I can’t replace it. I have not eaten a steak since Christmas day and I buy clothes from the discount rack at H&M.

Ah, but that is life. Starving artist and so forth. I’m sure after I’m dead people will make money off of my work.

But as I’m not dead yet, I really do need these Chinamen to pay me to explain their cultural diplomacy failures in more detail.