Everyone is Really Concerned About Sexual Slavery at the Super Bowl

You know what I think of when I think of the Super Bowl?

Sexual slavery.

CBS News:

Super Bowl LV in Tampa Bay kicks off on Sunday and local officials have already warned about the rise of human trafficking that often surrounds the big game. For Minnesota Vikings quarterback and father Kirk Cousins, fighting human trafficking is a cause that is personal.

“I think about how fragile my boys are… and to think that anybody would take advantage of them or harm them, it makes my blood boil to think that does happen to young people all over the world in the tens of millions,” Cousins told CBS News on Monday. “It’s disturbing.”

“And [human traffickers are] able to do this, they’re able to get away with it because it operates in the shadows,” he added.

This year, the International Justice Mission (IJM) – a Christian organization that works to protect people in poverty from human trafficking, slavery and other forms of violence – partnered with the Hillsborough County Commission on Human Trafficking to support their anti-trafficking work around the Super Bowl. High-profile events like the Super Bowl are often targeted by traffickers.

Cousins is part of the IJM’s pro athlete group, Team Freedom, which includes other NFL players such as the New England Patriots’ Jason and Devin McCourtys and Philadelphia Eagles’ Zack Ertz. Like the rest of the players, Cousins wants to bring more awareness to the cause.

Somebody went to this guy and told him to say this. They told him “think of your sons!”

Well, guess what? Males can’t be the “victims of human trafficking.” Maybe that isn’t absolutely true, maybe if they’re under the age of 12 they theoretically can be, but let’s be real here: when we’re talking about “human trafficking at the Super Bowl,” we’re not talking about 12-year-old boys.

What they are talking about is hookers.

This, specifically, is what they’re talking about:

  • Women go to places where big events are happening, and either put ads on the internet, or hang out in the lobby of hotels, and charge men for the fantastic pleasures of the gooey hole between their legs.
  • The men who take them up on their offer are “human traffickers.”

You see, we live in a society of totally actualized women. However, the truth about women is that they can only make good decisions. If they make a bad decision, such as to become a hooker, that is a man’s fault.

The concept of “human trafficking” laws is from a bygone era when it was believed (rightfully, in fact) that women don’t really have personal autonomy, and so the men around them are effectively responsible for their actions. However, retaining these laws in an era where women are supposedly empowered and actualized simply shows that the whole thing is a hoax and feminism was never about “empowering women,” it was about disempowering and hurting men.

Feminists and women generally want prostitution either completely abolished or to remain a gross and illegal thing involving drugs and so on, because if prostitution were legalized fully and rationally, women would no longer hold all of these cards.

Well, I say that, but frankly, men are so battered that you could probably legalize prostitution now, and most of them would still be chasing fat whores “for free” because their entire self-esteem is tied up in a woman’s approval of them. That’s what the whole “pick-up artist” nonsense was about – it was about getting the approval of women. Being rewarded with sex “for free” is the ultimate pat on the head for boys raised by single (or at least dominant) mothers whose psyches are driven to prize female approval above all else.

The sex itself is not exciting. Video games are much more exciting. But getting the approval is like when the teacher (female overlord) puts a gold star on your paper to tell you what a good boy you are.

It’s not just that women are considered unable to consent to be prostitutes, while also being capable of consenting to have sex with a constant flow of strangers from dating apps. This ridiculous female dominance of our society is visible everywhere. Contrary to stupid claims, women do not get paid less than men, nor do they ever do the same work, on the whole. A woman in a traditionally male workplace has virtually no responsibilities. They frankly are a liability, and businesses just try to isolate them. Women also get much lighter sentences for the same crimes.

Women have been turned into a brutal overlord class that is above any social norm and above the law.

Do you like the society that they are creating?

The bottom line is that women deserve to be beaten up and raped.