Everyone Hates New SJW “Star Trek”

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
December 10, 2017

Wow, only bigots could object to this beautiful interracial gay romance, smdh.

Sure, Star Trek was always about a stupid futuristic communist utopia. It always pushed this vision of a world where your race (or species, lol) didn’t matter, as long as you had a good character.

That allowed normies to dream of a future where they wouldn’t be shamed for being “evil White racists” and could go on with their lives.

But now, of course, that “dream” is different. “Colorblindness” is just another word for “racism” in the new Jew world-view.

So the new Star Trek had to go further, and present not only the “bad guys” as racists themselves, but also push all this gay crap on the audience.

And everyone hates it.

I wonder.


Star Trek fans have been waiting over a decade for a new Star Trek TV show, so many fans were excited when Star Trek: Discovery finally aired back in September. But since its launch the show seems to have been met with an usually high degree of hostility from viewers, who have questioned everything from its uniforms to its ship designs. Writer Sara Lynn Michener thinks those concerns are overblown.

“When a show tries too hard to adhere to canon, it doesn’t have as much flexibility for creativity,” Michener says in Episode 285 of the Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast. “Even the idea that some people are suggesting that they should build an entire ship based on outdated technology is just nuts. It’s just crazy.”

Yeah good job dodging the question, there.

I’m sure people are sperging out about minutia because they can’t figure out themselves what makes them hate the show so much. Hint: it’s not the sets or uniforms.

Yeah, uh… still broken. 

Discovery also features the first openly gay characters to appear on a Star Trek TV show—the ship’s doctor, Hugh Culber (Wilson Cruz), and his partner, science officer Paul Stamets (Anthony Rapp). This has proven to be yet another source of controversy, with some viewers declaring that they refuse to watch a show about gay characters. It’s a stance that science fiction editor John Joseph Adams finds particularly bizarre coming from Star Trek fans. “How do you reconcile everything else that’s in Star Trek with hating somebody else because they’re different?” he says. “It just doesn’t compute.”


Yeah, that’s what people hate. Not the stupid uniforms.

There’s a big difference between having White-presenting brown people act like reasonable crew members in previous shows, and featuring faggots as though it was exactly the same thing.

Homoism isn’t “just something you are,” it’s a behavior.

A very specific behavior: sticking your penis inside other men’s anuses.

And yes, that’s a behavior incompatible with being a hero, or even a respectable man. So now the new “Star Trek utopia” isn’t about “the content of your character over the color of your skin,” but rather “we’re all equal regardless of our behavior or moral character.”

That’s not something that can ever appeal to White people.

Science fiction author Anthony Ha agrees, noting that Star Trek has always had a political agenda. He says it was odd to see people complaining about the Discovery actors ‘politicizing’ Star Trek by expressing solidarity with protesting NFL players.

“Look, if you disagree with that—well, you’re wrong there too, but at least that’s a position you can take,” he says. “But if you’re saying ‘Star Trek should not be political,’ that is a completely invalid and dumb position.”

Yeah, and how did that work out for the NFL, buddy?

Of course, everything is political, and he’s right that Star Trek always was.

What people really mean when they say ‘let’s not be political” is that they don’t want the show to push wildly unpopular fringe political ideologies that detract from the narrative of the show.

The normie masses are sick and tired of being fucked with from every side by hostile media elites. And they’re rebelling against this propaganda by just tuning out en-masse.

The good news is that the homosexualists and SJW’s seem incapable of stopping what they’re doing and save what little audience they have left.

Soon, the alternative culture we’re currently building will be the only one left that even tries to appeal to normal White people. At that point, we win.