Everyone has Coronavirus

We are hopefully coming to the realization that everyone should have had to begin with: there is no actual way to avoid getting this virus. You have to get it, build immunity, and move on with your life.

Trump’s campaign manager has it.


Kellyanne Conway has it.

Two Republican Senators just tested positive.

Everyone either:

  1. Has coronavirus
  2. Had coronavirus
  3. Is going to get coronavirus

That is the status until a herd immunity is built and then the virus doesn’t have the ability to transmit from person to person, because so many have immunity. That is the way you keep it out of the old people’s homes.

This is the adult reality that the children who run our society are going to have to come to terms with at some point, because there is no measure that is going to stop the spread of this virus, other than absolute isolation.

But absolute isolation would have to be indefinite, i.e., forever.

Is that a price that we are willing to pay?

To remain in isolation forever in order to try to avoid getting infected with a mild flu virus which might not have ever even killed anyone?

I don’t think the government should be allowed to decide that for us.