“Everyday Feminism” About to Shut Down, Admits Nobody Gives a Crap

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
May 14, 2017

Even with institutional support and no money processor or advertisement problems, Everyday Feminism is about to sink. They’re trying to get rich and fashionable people on social media to send them money so writers can pay the $3,000 a month rent on their cardboard box with an outlet in Bushwick.

The “publication” is typical Tumblr fare, with sections dedicated to White Privilege, “LGBTQIA,” transsexuals and the intersectional existentialist revolutionary consciousness of being fat and ugly.

This is a real Tumblr meme. What are they reclaiming their bodies from? Health? 

One thing I noticed when perusing their staff page is the lack of Jews in important positions. The executive is Korean, the lead editor is a lesbian mulatto. Nobody knows how they make their money to begin with.

But there is no audience for websites like this. The only reason anti-white demagogues at Vox or even legacy kike press like The Nation are able to skate by financially is Jews pull strings to get them grants, big name advertisers and a place on the front page of Yahoo or Google News.

In order to win these benefactors over, you have to put Jews in positions to decide your editorial line.

Daily Caller:

The founders of a radical feminist website dedicated to social justice causes have announced that the site may be forced to shut down by the end of this month unless it receives a massive, immediate cash infusion.

The five-year-old website, Everyday Feminism, has created an “Emergency May Booster Fund” to fend off “scary financial trouble that’s threatening to put a halt to our work — maybe even as soon as the end of May.”

“It’s quite a challenge, to say the least, to create independent, intersectional feminist media in a financially sustainable way, especially in a world that doesn’t value what we do,” the cash solicitation also says.

Everyday Feminism has created a Twitter hashtag, #SaveEF, to spread the word about its financial crunch.

Supporters applaud the effort.

The website vows it will only go out of business with “one hell of a fight.”

“Help us resist,” Everyday Feminism implores.

Everyday Feminism claims to be “one of the most popular feminist digital media sites in the world.” The founder and CEO is Sandra Kim, is “a person with multiple marginalized identities.”

According the “About Everyday Feminism” webpage, the site works “to amplify and accelerate the progressive cultural shifts taking place across the US and the world.” The site also helps people “apply intersectional feminism and compassionate activism to their real everyday lives.”

Stories currently on the front page of Everyday Feminism include “Healing from Toxic Whiteness” and “A Guide to Self-Care When Your Loved Ones Don’t Support Your Activism.” There’s also “5 Ways Mexican Queerness Is a Radical Act Against Colonialism and Machismo.” (RELATED: Diversity Trainer: White People Have ‘Emotional Stake In Denying White Supremacy’)

The staff of Everyday Feminism does not detail the site’s financial troubles or how they began.

Independent journalist Robert Stacy McCain has noted that Everyday Feminism’s income streams are obscure. The website has no subscription element and runs few — if any — advertisements. There are spaces labeled for ads but they appear to be blank on every page.

There’s a good chance this website depends on some kind of grant that for whatever reason is being withheld or allocated elsewhere as the frontline of the culture war shifts. The Judeo-Left is on the defense everywhere

This tomboyish EF Antifa contributor might actually be bangable after a shower, some makeup and women’s clothing. #WhiteShariaThoughts

But there’s still a silver lining for the 1 or 2 cute girls there for when they grow out of their fad ideology. When The Daily Stormer opens its brick and mortar offices (in the New York Times building), they can apply for a job serving us coffee in skimpy Dirndls.

Editorial Fellow, Ray Finch

We may also have openings for “men” like Ray Finch. Strivers with rich parents are eager to intern for free just as long as they get some kind of superficial prestige out of it. He would make for a great pillow to punch while I brainstorm my next award-winning anti-Jewish polemic.

And by the way, cuckservative morons, the “free market” isn’t killing these Weimerican shark-jumpers.

We are.