Every White Cop Must Now Second-Guess Themselves When Dealing with Violent Blacks

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December 12, 2014

Buried in what would seem an innocuous story is an important point reinforcing the reality of police as guardians of the state. [Police Chief: Branding Officers as Racist is ‘Going to Cause Rift at Some Point’, CBS St. Louis, 12-4-14]:

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar is concerned “a rift” could be created if police officers are automatically branded as racist by critics.

Speaking to Fox News on Wednesday following a grand jury’s decision not to indict a New York City officer in Eric Garner’s death, Belmar said the mantra that police are bad is counterproductive.

“I think it is because it’s going to cause a rift at some point that may be very, very difficult for us to come back to. We are the 24-7 face of government here in law enforcement. We’re looking to solve problems. We’re looking to make sure that people understand we can’t arrest our way out of a problem,” Belmar said.

“The 24/7 face of government.”

Whatever becomes of Darren Wilson, his story will be on the mind of every white police officer in America who encounters a black male
Whatever becomes of Darren Wilson, his story will be on the mind of every white police officer in America who encounters a black male

An important, but correct point.

Until recently, Officer Darren Wilson was one of these representatives of the government in Ferguson. In late August, a total of nine (yes, nine) Washington Post reporters were assigned the story of trying to uncover some dirt on Wilson to establish a background anecdote magically proving he had some reason racial reason to shoot Michael Brown… granting the Department of Justice the ability to charge Wilson with violating Brown’s civil rights.

Those nine reporters uncovered nothing in Wilson’s past, save him being a solid police officer.

But nothing in Wilson’s past matters now, save what transpired on August 9, 2014, for this incident will forever cloud his future courtesy of a racial lynch mob exhibiting a ferocity for revenge even  Javert would find overwhelming.

Those revolutionary members of the ‘Justice for Michael Brown’ movement consider all police officers as complicit in his death [guilty-by-association] and Darren Wilson is just the extremely white-face representing the state’s monopoly on violence.

And in the words of one press release released by a group of black lawyers attempting to revoke his police officer license, a face that looks like “a demon.”[African-American lawyers group seeks to have Darren Wilson’s police officer license revoked, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 12-10-14]:

The National Bar Association, led by an attorney for Michael Brown’s family, says it filed a “lawsuit” with the Missouri Department of Public Safety demanding the revocation of Darren Wilson’s police officer license.

The department acknowledged receiving a document but said it is being treated as a complaint because the agency is not a venue for a suit. Spokesman Mike O’Connell said he could not reveal specifics from the document.

Wilson, a white Ferguson police officer, fatally shot Brown, an unarmed black teen, on Aug. 9, triggering nationwide protests. Wilson resigned from the force Nov. 29, five days after a St. Louis County grand jury decided not to indict him in Brown’s death.

Neil Bruntrager, an attorney for Wilson, said that his being a police officer “is off the table forever” but that, “Keeping his license in good standing is a matter of pride.” Bruntrager added, “He didn’t resign under any criminal charges and he didn’t do anything wrong.”

The association, which says it represents African-American lawyers and judges, is headed by Benjamin Crump, who represents Brown’s family.

It press release said it filed the document “on the grounds that he committed a criminal act …”

The release says Wilson’s comment in a TV interview that Brown had “looked like a demon” led the association to “challenge his suitability to ever wear a badge and carry a gun ever again.”

Every white police officer in America is only a “one or two minute encounter with an unstable black male” away from sharing the fate of Darren Wilson, truly illustrating the utter instability of Black-Run America (BRA).

And what is his fate? New York Times reporters Julie Bosman and Campbell Robertson, though aware of the death threats to Wilson’s life, published the street he lives on (sharing the house with his new, pregnant bride).

Though being a police officer was “the job of his life,” Wilson now enjoys the type of life of eternally-hounded George Zimmerman:

Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson is married, expecting a baby and contemplating his future now that a grand jury has decided not to indict him in the shooting death of unarmed black youth Michael Brown.

Since the shooting, Wilson has been in hiding. He described a solitary life with a small circle of people, much like the life described by George Zimmerman after he was acquitted of killing unarmed black teen Trayvon Martin in Florida.

“You have to take precautions, where you sit in a restaurant and where you drive,” he said. “You have to make sure no one is following you.”

If he goes out, he said, he has to be on guard for who is looking at him or looking too long.

Wilson said his conscience is clear. He said he would do everything the same if faced with Brown again.

“I did my job that day,” he said.

Darren Wilson did do his job on August 9, 2014; but because he did his job, he’s now out of a job. With angry, racial-influenced mobs burning down buildings and beating people with hammers all in the name of exacting justice for the individual Darren Wilson briefly encountered in his final moments as an active-duty officer for the Ferguson Police Department.

The truly scary thought for every white police officer in America is when they pull up on a group of black males, with one or two matching the description of a recent robbery/assault/murder suspect and if their training will take over or will the legacy of Darren Wilson sneak into their mind?

Will this white police officer just keep on driving, allowing a potential black suspect to freely go on his/her way in committing another (perhaps more lethal) crime? Or will this white police officer approach the potential black male suspect and “in one or two fateful minutes” become the next officer having death threats Tweeted his way and New York Times reporters publishing his address?

The “rift” St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar warned about goes far, far deeper than most people dare imagine.

And because of the intensity of black criminality, coupled with unaccountable nature society holds black parents with maintaining some semblance of discipline over their children, the odds are extremely high another white police officer shoots innocent black youth incident will occur soon in either the city of St. Louis or metropolitan St. Louis.