Every Corporate Workplace is Going to Start Requiring a Vaxx

Ross Silverman, Professor of Health Policy and Management at Indiana University, says it’s legal to “require” vaccinations.

They started with the mandate with the hospital workers, and they got away with it. No one really complained very hard.

Now they’re going for everyone else.

The Guardian:

As cases of the Delta coronavirus variant have risen and vaccination rates slowed, several US businesses and institutions have announced they will now require vaccinations from employees.

Major companies like Walmart and Disney said this week all employees must be vaccinated, while Joe Biden said all federal employees must be vaccinated or face masking, testing and distancing requirements.

Schools, universities, hospitals, financial services, tech companies, retailers, entertainment industries and local governments have announced similar policies.

The efforts are supported by an opinion from the US Department of Justice, which says employers can require vaccines under emergency-use authorization.

Overall, it’s legal to require vaccinations in the midst of an active, dangerous epidemic,” said Ross Silverman, professor of public health and law at the Indiana University.

The US government won’t mandate vaccines but states, cities and businesses can.

The US has a long history of requiring vaccines. In winter 1777, George Washington required smallpox inoculations for all soldiers fighting the British. In 1809, Massachusetts passed a law requiring proof of inoculation against smallpox.

Both those things strike me as almost certainly being false, but you can’t just Google these things like you used to be able to do.

Dr Ruth Faden, founder of the Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics, said: “If we look at the history of the ability of human beings to control infectious diseases, it’s hard to imagine how we would have been able to accomplish what we’ve accomplished in the absence of mandates of one sort or the other.”

With measles and diphtheria, for example, “it was not merely the advent of the vaccine but the requirement that the vaccine be received … that made the difference.”

By 1980, schools in all US states had laws requiring vaccinations for students. Some places offered religious or philosophical exemptions. Such rules were put to the test in a measles epidemic in Philadelphia in 1991, when 1,400 cases and nine deaths were mainly clustered in two churches whose members requested exemption from vaccination.

That is probably also just made up, I would think.

They can do this now – just make things up. No one has the ability to disagree with them.

“Philadelphia was a feared destination,” said Dr Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center and an infectious disease physician at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. “Schools canceled trips to the city. People were afraid to come.”

The measles vaccine became compulsory. “Everyone in those schools had to be vaccinated, even though the parents didn’t want them to be,” Offit said.

One pastor asked the American Civil Liberties Union to represent the churches but it declined, Offit recalled, on the grounds that “while you are at liberty to martyr yourself to your religion, you are not at liberty to martyr your child”.

In 2019, New York mayor Bill de Blasio mandated vaccines following a measles outbreak in some religious communities.

In the grip of the Covid pandemic, mandates seem a logical next step, experts say. Vaccines are safe and effective, widely available and more needed than ever as the Delta variant spreads.

“That’s where the rubber is about to meet the road,” Offit said, “because we cannot allow this to happen.”

Allowing the virus to circulate will put those not eligible for vaccination, like children, and those who not protected well, like the immune-suppressed, at risk. Unchecked spread means more variants will emerge, probably making vaccines less effective.

Joe Biden has been implying he wants to force everyone in the country to take the vaxx, which is obviously where this is going. It’s the only reason they would continue to demonize everyone who isn’t taking their vaxx.

Jews clearly have an obsession with pushing this vaxx on people. Ross Silverman was talking about vaccines and consent way before the coronavirus hoax.

Here’s how a Twitter user describes Ross Silverman’s work:

Surely, a Jew wouldn’t do something like that.