Every Car Will Have to be Electric by 2050, Says the UN

This is going to cost trillions and serves no actual purpose.

Daily Mail:

Almost all cars on the road will have to be electric by 2050 if the world is going to meet UN climate change targets, experts claim.

Engineers from the University of Toronto created a computer model to estimate how many electric vehicles would be required in a heavily car dependent country.

The team focused on the US, as currently only 0.3 per cent of vehicles are electric and it is a wealthy nation with a high overall rate of car ownership per capita.

To meet UN climate targets, about 90 per cent of passenger vehicles in the US would need to be electric by 2050 – something the Canadian team say is ‘unrealistic’.

Instead, the team suggests countries focus on a massive investment in public transport and redesigning cities to allow for more trips by bicycle or foot.

UN climate targets require member countries to take action to prevent average global temperatures from rising more than 3.6°F above pre-industrial levels by 2100.

There are more than seven million electric vehicles (EV) in operation around the world, compared with only about 20,000 a decade ago, the Toronto team said.

While this is a massive change, it won’t be ‘nearly enough to address the global climate crisis’ on its own, they explained.

Lead author Alexandre Milovanoff, a PhD student at the University of Toronto, said people think a larger-scale shift to electric vehicles will solve climate problems.

‘I think a better way to look at it is this: EVs are necessary, but on their own, they are not sufficient,’ the study author explained.

Published in the journal Nature Climate Change, the team found the US would need to have about 350 million electric vehicles on the road by 2050, or 90 percent.

Electric cars are actually worse than normal cars in terms of how they impact the environment.

This is just a gigantic scheme to disrupt society.

No one can afford this.

These cars also look retarded.

Cars used to be beautiful and inspiring.