Even This Vapid Pink-Haired Cunt Says There’s Almost No Difference Between a $479 Phone and a $1,099 Phone

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 31, 2019

Women are stupid and known to care exclusively about status and other trivialities.

However, even this stupid pink-haired whore in this video from YouTube.com was forced to admit that there is basically no difference between a $479 Google Pixel 3a XL and a $1,099 iPhone XS Plus.

What a stupid whore.

And yet even with all of her shallow vapidity, she is forced to admit that you are wasting over $600 if you buy this hoax iPhone.

Here are the differences in stats.

But let me go ahead and make this a whole lot more interesting for you.

TECH INSIDER, who produced the video with the cunt, is not going to ever review a Chinese phone, because they are absolute shills.

But get this:

The Pixel 3a XL has virtually the EXACT SAME stats as the Huawei P30 Lite

Which retails for…


And let’s go check the reviews on Amazon…

Pixel 3a XL:

P30 Lite:

That’s right, friend. The Huawei phone has half a star more – 10% better ratings – than the Google phone.

What this means is that basically, you can have more or less the exact same experience with a $270 Huawei phone as you can have with a $1,099 Apple phone.

And yet, complete shitheads continue to pay nearly four times as much for the iPhone.

Apparently, Apple wants to signal that paying this much for a phone makes you “high status” – in actual fact, it simply makes you an asshole who thinks he can get status from a phone.

Paying an extra $829 for a phone that is basically the same thing as the one that is $829 less is not a “status” move. Even poor people can scrounge up $829 to spend on an item that is as important as a phone. This is not like paying $30,000 for a Rolex watch, or $500,000 for an Italian sports car, because while I still think a person is possibly an asshole for doing that, they are demonstrating that they have money to simply throw away, which is a way to signal status.

Because anyone can figure out a way to get together $829, you are not signaling that your means are great. You are in fact signaling that you are trying to signal status by wasting a trivial amount of money, which implies that you are in fact low status.

All of this having been said, the one thing Apple does have is good security, so if you are worried about that, it actually is better to have an iPhone. However, you can just buy an older model, which is actually the same as the newer models anyway, and not much more than the modern Huawei.

If Huawei develops their own version of Android, with a full app store for Westerners (they already have a Chinese app store, but it doesn’t have all our stuff in it), they will be the best – and cheapest – phone company on earth.

Both Samsung and Apple are now running rackets. New phones are being released with almost no new features, but they are charging more for them.

Final verdict

If you’re a normie and not particularly concerned about security, buy a Huawei. You can still use Signal and keep chats highly secure.

If you’re paranoid and hyper-obsessed with security, buy an iPhone 8 (or even a 7).