Even Nazi Toilet Paper is a Prized Collectible

Daily Stormer
September 8, 2016


Just imagine having this on your shelf, bro. I mean, chicks would go wild.

The Jews have done everything they can to make Nazis look evil, stupid, silly and sinister. Endless propaganda, billions of dollars spent on this project to demonize their most feared enemy.

But in spite of all this – or perhaps because of it – the Nazis still have a great power to fascinate people.

Everything that is related to Nazis becomes more popular.

And, most flagrantly, old artifacts from the Third Reich are prized by collectors and are often sold for huge prices.


Toilet paper issued to Hitler’s army, the Wehrmacht, during World War Two is up for sale at an auction in Dublin.

The unopened roll of Edelweiss brand Klosettpapier (toilet paper) has been valued at between 80 euros (£67) and 120 euros (£100).

The roll is in a “remarkably unused condition”, say Whyte’s auctioneers.

$150 dollars for Nazi toilet paper? That’s actually a steal! I fact, I’ll bet this will end up selling for way more. After all, there’s plenty of helmets and daggers, but this thing is one of a kind!

German soldiers’ helmets, minefield warning flags and a police dagger are among the other items going under the hammer on 17 September.


Sweeeeeeeeet. Perfect for a night around town!

A private Irish collector had assembled the collection over a 25-year period and it was fascinating that the toilet paper remained intact, said Whyte’s Head of Collectibles Stuart Purcell.

It was one of the more bizarre artefacts he had come across, added Mr Purcell.

“We had a German World War Two helmet on sale in March which sold for 10,000 euros and the guy whose collection it is was one of the bidders,” he told the BBC.

People love all this Nazi stuff because consciously or not, they love Nazism.

Even the cartoonishly evil portrayal people are subjected to seems so much cooler and more appealing than the slimy politicians forming the ruling class.

The people crave authority, leadership and masculinity. They’re starved of it.


Everyone would prefer Nazism to this.

And Nazis are the ultimate symbol of all of that.

This is why “in-your-face” extremism isn’t going to “scare away” the normies. It’s moderation, in fact, that will scare them away. They’ll see you cucking, and then think “oh, another fag, except this one has no chance of winning.”

You don’t seduce a woman by being “nice” and bending yourself in half to meet her where she is. And for the same reason, we won’t seduce the public by being “moderate.”


There’s a reason Darth Vader is the most popular character in Star Wars…