Even Local News Scum is Hunting Down the Capitol Patriots as HEAT IS ON

The Daily Stormer documented on Friday that the national media is working with the FBI to hunt down the brave patriots who were invited into the Capitol by the Capitol Police to peacefully protest.

These patriots are also being hunted down and persecuted by local media, as you can see in this clip from CBS Chicago, where they went to a man’s house to harass him.

We are at the beginning of a massive, unprecedented witch hunt.

The good news and the only news that even matters is that the overwhelming majority of the people – our people, White Christian Americans – support the events of Wednesday.

Everyone thinks that the government deserved it – and that they deserve much worse.

If the government attempts to haul all of these people in and prosecute them, they might in fact end up with a problem.

Remember: what we are experiencing right now is all a planned, staged series of events, designed to create a Great Reset and a New World Order. It has all been run through computer simulations. They believe that they can lay out a series of staged events that will lead to their desired outcome.

But it is important to understand that these people are all insane. They are drunk on power and they think they are gods. They literally think they’re going to use transhumanism to live forever, and many of them believe they are in contact with demonic entities and/or space aliens.

There is no guarantee that these people will be able to pull this off, and in fact, I personally think it is not possible.

Things are going to happen. Bad things are going to happen.

But this entire plot could very quickly begin to fall apart.

All of this is now officially out of the hands of any man or group of men.