Even After Getting Fired, Emilio Estevez Refuses to Address Vax Publicly

Emilio Estevez definitely got fired from his Disney show for refusing the deadly coronavirus vaccine.

However, even after getting fired, he is now choosing to deny that this is what happened, instead of coming out and denouncing the evil and gay vax.


Emilio Estevez is speaking out after exiting The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers ahead of the Disney+ comedy’s second season.

It was previously reported that Disney chose not to pick up Estevez’s option for Season 2 following a back-and-forth over the show’s COVID-vaccination mandate. The scripts for the new season will reportedly be adjusted to continue the story sans Bombay, and production is expected to begin early next year.

In a new statement to our sister site Deadline, the actor adamantly refuted that claim. “I am not anti-vaxx. Full stop,” he declared.

Estevez explained that he contracted COVID in March 2020 after filming the pilot, and in the fall of that year found out he had “Long Haul Syndrome.”

(That’s not a real thing.)

Estevez says he returned to filming in Vancouver in August 2020, and followed the country’s COVID protocols despite suffering from “Long Haul” symptoms. He also said he received assurances from producers that he would be safe, as well as warnings from his former reps that not returning to work would have serious legal consequences.

“In retrospect, I wrongly chose to protect the show over being transparent about having contracted COVID-19,” he noted in his statement. “I may have provided another public example to wit, how we are all vulnerable to this deadly disease.”

The actor again shut down claims that his departure from Game Changers had anything to do with COVID protocols. “My exit from the show was due to a myriad of creative differences — any other narrative is false,” he said.

Estevez went on to address the fans, saying he was “as disappointed as you are,” and wished the cast and crew a “wonderful Season 2 on the show and please know that I will miss you all.”

Notice that even as he’s saying all that, he won’t say “oh actually, I took the vaccine.”

He didn’t take the vaccine because he’s not retarded, but just like Aaron Rodgers and so many other celebrities opposed to this vaccine, he will not come out and just say it, because he doesn’t want to get pilloried by the media. (He may also be aware that there are potentially worse consequences coming for celebrities that do not toe the line.)

It is truly disgusting that none of these people will stand up and fight back. They all have the excuse that no one else is doing it, so they would be alone – but that is just cowardice.

Rodgers played a word game and is now getting slammed. Estevez is playing a word game even after getting fired. LeBron James and others have pretended to take the vax.

The only major celebrities who actually stood were Nicki Minaj and Kyrie Irving. Aside from that, it was just minor people like Travis Tritt and Jim Brewer.

Oh. And Gina Carano.

Emilio Estevez is the son of right-wing (Catholic) movie star Martin Sheen and the brother of (formerly) right-wing (whoremonger libertarian) movie star Charlie Sheen. These people should feel a duty.

It used to be that when a person had a lot of money, society also believed that they had increased responsibility to society at large. That really is the problem that we’re dealing with. The problem is not that some people have more money than others, it’s that the people with money do not feel as though they are a part of the society as a whole, and do not feel any obligation to it.

I don’t really expect blacks to necessarily want to help white people, but they should at least want to help their own people. All of these people have a duty to stand up.

No one is going to slip out of this system.

These people are coming for all of us.