EU’s Own Survey Shows That Most Britons Want Out of the EU

Daily Stormer
May 16, 2014

The ones who wanted to stay in the EU were obviously the non British people polled.

Eurocrats have been caught out lying by omission about the results of a poll which shows that most Britons want to leave the EU. They even had the cheek to call the report ‘Trust And Optimism Are Growing Across The EU.’

I guess they must have thought that since it was their own survey they could just say whatever they liked about the results.

The sooner Britain leaves the EU the better.


Forty-seven per cent of Britons believe the UK should leave, with 41 per cent disagreeing and 12 per cent recorded as “don’t knows”.

According to the Eurobarometer survey of nearly 28,000 people across Europe only 32 per cent thought their own country “could better face the future outside the EU”.

Fifty-eight per cent disagreed and 10 per cent have no opinion.

The figures are a boost for hopes that the in-out referendum promised by David Cameron before the end of 2017 – after he renegotiates the membership terms – could result in a UK exit.

Anti-Brussels campaigners said it was some of the strongest evidence yet of British voters’ wish to leave the EU.

They chided Eurocrats for failing to mention the UK finding in their press release about the poll.

It was headlined: Euro­barometer Survey: Trust And Optimism Are Growing Across The EU.

Alan Murad, of the Get Britain Out campaign, said: “Not even the EU propaganda machine Eurobarometer, funded by EU taxpayers at a cost of £20million, can cover up the fact that Britain has had enough of the EU.

“These figures highlight the overwhelming support for a British exit from the EU and the UK Government must take action.

“It is imperative the British people are allowed to decide the future of Britain’s relationship with the EU as soon as possible.”

The EU is responsible for all the Non-White immigration as well as moving the East Europeans to the West.