EuroWar 2015: Malmo-Style Grenade Attacks in Stockholm

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 17, 2015

Wow such a weird surprise.
Wow such a weird surprise.

-People start a war in their country
-You bring those people from both sides of that war to your country
-You are surprised when they start a war in your country

Welcome to Sweden: It’s a country entirely run by women.


A number of suspected grenade attack explosions have rocked Stockholm over the past few days, echoing similar attacks in Malmo where immigrant gangs are going to war over grievances imported from their homelands.

The southern city of Malmo has become a byword for the seemingly ubiquitous grenade attack in Sweden in recent months, with almost 40 hand grenade and other detonations recorded this year. Yet similar such attacks, where property and vehicles are attacked in the dead of night in a series of tit-for-tat reprisals between gangs is new to capital Stockholm, which has seen two explosions in the same neighbourhood in three days.

Monday’s grenade attack, which took place outside a Kurdish people’s association office in a block of flats just before two o’clock in the morning left no casualties, but a number of windows blown out. Violent Turkish -Kurd confrontations took place in the city centre only hours before, but police have refused to comment on whether the events may be linked, reports local paper Aftonbladet.

On Sunday afternoon, thousands of Kurds and Turks held counter protests in the Sergel Square outside the central railway station. The event soon became confrontational, as stones and fireworks were thrown between the sides and scuffles erupted. Police moved in to calm the situation but were unable to prevent serious violence, with citizen-shot videos being rapidly shared on social media showing officers beating protesters to the ground while being pelted with objects.

Europe is now a warzone.

This isn’t going to go away.