Europe’s Top Meat Processor Says Beef Will Become a Luxury Because Cow Farts are Changing the Weather

On Tuesday, Tucker Carlson said that normal people don’t read Bloomberg News.

Though I had never thought about it, I guess that’s probably true.


The boss of Europe’s top meat processor said beef will become a luxury like champagne because of the climate impact of producing it.

Valeur said pork would be a more climate-friendly protein. Danish Crown is one of Europe’s largest pork producers, although it is also a player in the beef market.

Meat companies are coming under pressure to curb greenhouse gases, with 57% of all food industry emissions coming from making animal products, according to one study. Tackling methane emissions from livestock is one of the most critical climate challenges for producers.

A group of three non-profit organizations in Denmark are suing Danish Crown for allegedly misrepresenting its climate footprint in a marketing campaign that says pork production is “more climate friendly than you think.” Danish crown said it isn’t misleading consumers.

Cow farts are not changing the weather. This claim is utterly nonsensical, and far from being backed up by data, all of the data shows that the people making this claim are chronic liars.

That is the main problem with science. It does nothing but lie. It disregards basic, obvious, natural facts in favor of jacked-up delusions and nonsense.

Basically, if science is promoting something, there is one thing you can be sure of: it’s a hoax.

Science has zero regard for facts or data, let alone logic or reason. All science does is promote politicized nonsense in support of a New World Order agenda.

These people don’t want you to eat meat because they want you to be weak and frail. They want you to be stupid and inept. Eating meat makes people strong and healthy, and that is the last thing they want.

So of course, the science is going to back them up with some kind of retarded gibberish, like “cow farts are changing the weather.”