Europe’s Largest Menorah Erected in Berlin

Eli Stenson
Daily Stormer
December 16, 2014

If Hitler were buried in a grave, he’d certainly be rolling in it.

To make up for all of the Jews who were lampshaded, soaped, gassed, burnt, or experimented on by the evil Nazis, the city of Berlin sets up a large menorah abomination each year as the Jews celebrate their Hanukkah holiday. It is the largest menorah abomination in Europe.

It couldn’t have been erected anywhere else, like Amsterdam or Paris or Rome, precisely because the goal is to spit on National Socialism.

Our knee-jerk reaction is one of disgust, and rightly so. But it is reassuring to know that some day there will be no menorahs abominations like this erected anywhere in any White nation, unless we fail to heed our calling.