European Union Urges Big Tech to Work Harder at Fighting Alleged Fake News

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 30, 2019

We can’t let the Goyim be inform—err… we can’t let the Goyim be misinformed. If Europeans are misinformed, they could manifest against immigration through their vote, and if they manifest against immigration, Europe will not survive. Because, you know, white people are not having children — and that’s a good thing, actually — but someone has to pay for their pensions.

Fake news resulted in the election of orange man. For example, many fake news stories said “orange man good.” In fact the truth is, orange man bad. This is a disaster for democracy.

That is why we must fight fake news.


European Union authorities warned Facebook, Google and Twitter on Tuesday that they need to work harder to combat fake news ahead of upcoming bloc-wide parliamentary elections.

The EU’s executive commissioners said that while the U.S. internet giants have made some progress, they need to pick up the pace of their work fighting disinformation and if their efforts are unsatisfactory, they could face regulation.

The Commission has been turning up the heat on tech giants ahead of the elections scheduled for May, in which millions of people in 27 EU member countries will vote for 705 lawmakers in the bloc’s parliament.

Of course, only officially-approved sources should be able to give information to voters so voters keep voting officially-approved candidates. We’re going to tell these goys the “facts,” and they’re going to vote what we want them to vote.

This is a good time to read “If Fake News is a Problem for Democracy, Then Democracy is a Problem,” by Mr. Anglin. In fact, you should share that article with everyone now. People keep hearing about the dangers of fake news, about Russian meddling, and so on. It’s as relevant as ever.

EU officials want to prevent the misuse of social media platforms by foreign groups trying to meddle in elections, and have singled out Russia as a main source of disinformation in Europe.

Evil Russians want Europe to stop getting invaded by the Hordes of Mordor and to stop weakening itself because Russians are evil and hate Europe. If that doesn’t make sense to you, your brain has been hacked by Russian hackers.

You should report your wrong think to the nearest Thought Police officer. They’ll take it from there.

Google, Facebook, Twitter and browser maker Mozilla are companies that so far have signed up to a voluntary EU code of conduct on fighting disinformation. The Commission said they’ve made good progress removing fake accounts and limiting sites promoting disinformation.

It’s a very Jewish thing to do… claiming to have the authority to say what is or isn’t “fake news,” and exercising that authority for your own benefit with no regard for truth or veracity, shutting everything down.

It’s always about keeping the Goyim from knowing, you know?

Twitter has closed fake accounts and bots as it prioritized fighting “malicious actors,” but the EU Commission said it wants to know more about how that will stop “persistent purveyors of disinformation” from promoting their tweets.

These so-called “fake accounts” and “malicious actors” are most likely people that don’t want to get doxed because of their political views and commentary in an age when even liking a tweet is enough reason for police to question you.

People lose their jobs because of some old joke they wrote on Twitter, but they expect everyone to be blue-check-marked and tweet under their real identity… because they want people to lose their jobs because of some old joke they wrote on Twitter if they’re guilty of wrong-think. It’s by design. They want you to be scared of saying something “hateful,” they want you to be scared of having wrong thoughts.

They want you to be shut down.