European Union Says Social Media Got Pretty Good at Censoring People

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 5, 2019

The European Union overlords are pleased with the work of their social media minions they tasked with shutting down what the goyim can’t know.


The European Union says major social media firms have stepped up their efforts to remove hate speech online.

The companies remove the content, on average, in 72 percent of the cases. Jourova said she would never require that all flagged content be removed since the fundamental right of freedom of expression needs to be respected too.

The whole point of freedom of speech and freedom of expression is not to have any kind of forbidden speech. The idea of hate speech is critically incompatible with it as it gives the people defining “hate speech” the power to censor what you say, and if someone has the power to censor what you say, you don’t really have freedom of speech.

We’ve agreed in the West that someone getting hurt by words is not a valid reason to censor those words, which is something most people agree with, so the Jews have come up with this convoluted explanation of how mean words can produce real harm by inciting people to hurt minorities or whatever after reading mean stuff on the Internet. What they’re saying with that is that people don’t really control their bodies and that choices are made for them by the stuff they read or by the information they get. By the input their receive.

What they really think is different, though. They know people can be influenced through the media, because they use it themselves to program people. They also know that receiving information that makes sense to people can result in a click that breaks the conditioning they worked so much to impose. They have to constantly bombard our people with their social engineering routines because as soon as they stop, reality takes over and the illusion is broken. This is why they fear words and “hate speech” so much. Because if people read what we write, if people read real arguments and if people are exposed to common sense, then Jews are turned into lampshades.

Jews turning into lampshades is the inevitable result of the goyim knowing.  This is why the goyim can’t know.

This is why they have to shut it down.

Their lives depend on it.

EU statistics show that YouTube removed 85.4 percent of the contested content, Facebook 82.4 percent and Twitter 43.5 percent.

Color me surprised. Twitter is the least censoring of the bunch.

The only one not owned by a Jew.

Who would’ve predicted it?

Actually, that is scary, because Twitter is pretty trigger-happy in regards to banning accounts. YouTube and Facebook doing almost double the censorship Twitter does really speaks volumes of the owners.

This thing they say about how they need to fight “fake news” because of the upcoming elections and whatnot seems to not be getting any older, so Mr. Anglin’s article about fake news and democracy is as relevant as ever. Do read it again, and share it with everyone you know. Remember: the goyim knowing is a step towards turning Jews into lampshades.