European Spies Say They’ll Give Biden Intelligence If He Bans Trump from Getting Any of It

Frankly, Joe Biden should be requesting to borrow a little bit of Donald Trump’s intelligence.

Frankly, it isn’t especially logical that former presidents get intelligence briefings, and the only reason they would get them in the first place is as part of a racket, where these people are invited to advise private companies based on secret information.

However, using this to attack Donald Trump, claiming that he is some kind of an intelligence threat, that he is going to use the intelligence to organize some kind of terrorist movement, or to otherwise hurt the precious Jews, is actually insane.

Business Insider:

Moves by President Joe Biden to restrict Donald Trump’s access to intelligence has reassured European allies that they can share freely with the US again, sources told Insider.

Officials in three different intelligence services in Europe responded warmly to comments by Biden in his first TV interview as president, where he said he didn’t want Trump to keep getting intelligence briefings.

Previous presidents have been given the briefings as a courtesy, which the current president can cancel at any time.

Though Biden said he saw no need for Trump to keep getting briefed, he stopped short of saying definitively that he would cut him off.

Nonetheless, the move reassured the intelligence officials Insider spoke to, all of whom requested anonymity because of the nature of their work.

One, a senior official for a European country that’s also a member of NATO, said: “This was expected and is a bit of a symbolic move – but it puts an end into the extraordinary situation where services like ours became reluctant to share key intelligence details because of fears these details would filter up from the national security community to the president, who would then tell them to the Russian ambassador.”

He was referring to an incident in the first month of the Trump administration where Trump shared critical intelligence with the Russian ambassador that could have revealed an Israeli intelligence source related to ISIS.

The incident shocked US allies, whose officials suggested that they became reluctant to share information which could end up with Trump. Biden in his interview seemed to have similar scenarios in mind when he cited the risk that Trump “might slip and say something” as a reason to restrict his access.

Although this has come up, you might have noticed that there have been very few news bits on Donald Trump.

Instead, they appear to be focusing all of their energy on transforming the war against Trump into a war against normal white Americans. That is to say: Marjorie Taylor Greene is getting a lot more mentions than Donald Trump.

The goal is to turn the weapon – the Jewish space laser, if you will – that was built for Trump on you.

Marjorie is such a “normal nice lady from the neighborhood” that she’s a perfect target. She’s like the really popular mom that is super extroverted and fun. When you go home to play with her son, you’re just as excited about hanging out with her as you are with her son, because she’s so high energy and brings positivity and confidence into your life.

I still remember the mom like that at my school when I was 7 years old.

That’s what she is: she is a good thing from your memory, something that you associate with the America of your youth, being dragged out and pilloried, demonized as the root of all evil.

She is the leader of a terrorist organization – and every single person who voted for Trump is a de facto member of that terrorist organization.

Talking too much about Trump right now interferes with that agenda.


With regards to the nature of these briefings, there is an interesting and informative post on StackExchange, which follows in full. 

In Destiny and Power: The American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush by Jon Meacham, published in 2015, there is a statement,

Bush inhaled the daily CIA briefings sent to former presidents, …

There is reason to accept that former presidents have received daily CIA briefings, at least as a courtesy.

However George H. W. Bush left office on January 20, 1993. On April 22, 2005, the position of Director of National Intelligence (DNI) was created. The CIA reports to the DNI and the “daily CIA briefing” became the President’s Daily Brief (PDB).

The PDB contains intelligence analysis on key national security issues for the President and other senior policymakers. Only the President, the Vice President, and a select group of officials designated by the President receive the briefing, which represents the Intelligence Community’s best insights on issues the President must confront when dealing with threats as well as opportunities related to our national security. — CIA

Currently, whether any briefings, for former presidents, occur, or are daily or as needed, is subject to the approval of the president. As mentioned below, briefings concerning activities with which the former president was aware could be significant.


Why do former presidents and officials continue to receive intelligence?

In addition to meeting with foreign leaders, former presidents and intelligence officials are expected to receive intelligence briefings for a number of other reasons.

One of the most obvious reasons is so that they can continue to advise the sitting administration and officials on incidents that may either be ongoing or reflect those of the past.

“Having former senior officials hold active security clearances can be critically important for those currently charged with defending our nation,” Jamil N. Jaffer, who was associate counsel to President George W. Bush and founder of George Mason University’s National Security Institute, told The Washington Post in a recent interview.

“It allows them to turn rapidly to people with significant experience, context and contacts to help interpret the activity of our opponents and to provide wise counsel and guidance, whether that’s in the terrorism, foreign policy or any national security context,” he said.

The current authority for former presidents to access CIA information is given as:

32 CFR § 1909.1 – Authority and purpose.

(b) Purpose. This part prescribes procedures for waiving the need-to-know requirement for access to classified information with respect to persons:

(3) Requesting access to classified CIA information as a former President or Vice President.

32 CFR § 1909.5 – Requirements as to who may apply.

(c) Former Presidents and Vice Presidents. Any former President or Vice President may submit a request for access to classified CIA information. Requests from former Presidents or Vice Presidents shall be in writing to the Coordinator and shall identify the records containing the classified information of interest. A former President or Vice President may also request approval for a research associate, but there is no entitlement to such enlargement of access and the decision in this regard shall be in the sole discretion of the Senior Agency Official.

CFR refers to Code of Federal Regulations. These authorities are derived “pursuant to Sec. 4.4 of Executive Order 13526“.

Concerning “daily CIA briefings” for former presidents:

During December 2006, the term “daily CIA briefings” was added to the Wikipedia page, President of the United States, then marked as “[citation needed]”, and subsequently removed. Other fora have been asked a similar question, but none of the responses cited any authority.

That the CIA does brief former presidents is established:

That former presidents have the “right” to receive “daily CIA briefings” (or Presidential Daily Briefings) has not been verified.