European Nations Who Have Built Fences

The New Observer
November 17, 2015

Some European nations are building fences to guard Europe against the nonwhite invasion sparked off by Angela Merkel’s reckless invitation to the entire Third World to enter the European Union. Here is the state of play with each of these fence-building projects.



The main reason why the nonwhite invaders are using a sea-route to cross into Greece is because the Greeks were the very first to build a land barrier with Turkey because of the invasion problem.

The Evros River forms a natural barrier between Greece and Turkey, except for a 6.5 mile stretch between the villages of Kastanies and the town of Nea Vyssa, which was used by thousands of invaders to cross into Europe up until 2012.

In that year, the Greeks finished a fence along this vulnerable border section. The 13-foot high razor fence, equipped with thermal cameras, effectively halted the land invasion until the current flood started by sea.


Bulgaria was the second European nation to erect a border fence designed with the specific intention of halting the nonwhite invasion, back in November 2013. The 19 mile, 10-foot high razor fence was completed early in 2014 along Bulgaria’s most vulnerable border with Turkey in an attempt to halt the stream of at least 11,000 “refugees” coming into Europe per month at that date already.

Recently, the Bulgarian government has announced that it will be expanding this highly effective fence along the entire length of the Bulgarian-Turkish frontier.


The Hungarian government was the first to act quickly during the 2015 invasion. In September, a 175 kilometer-long fence along the entire border with Serbia was completed, and in October, work was started on a fence along the Hungarian-Croatian border.

The strict enforcement of these fences has completely stopped the invasion of Hungary, earning that country praise from other European politicians who are equally opposed to the invasion.


Slovenia became an unwilling participant in the Merkel-disaster when floods of nonwhite invaders simply overran its borders in their stampede to get to Austria and Germany.

Last week the Slovenian government began rolling out a razor fence along its border with Croatia. When completed (in a few weeks’ time) this fence will also cut off the flow into Slovenia from Croatia.


The Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic said in a newspaper interview early in October that the government was considering building a fence. This project has however been put on hold due to internal politicking between the two major parties in the country’s parliament. A final decision is only expected after the next elections, scheduled for February 2016 but which will possible take place earlier.

* Earlier in November, Angela Merkel said that “closing borders within Europe could lead to military conflict in the Balkans.” The erection of the fences as detailed above has shown once again that the German chancellor is a pathological liar, if not downright ignorant of geopolitical realities.